Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Scare...

My little Ella Grace is growing up too fast! Tonight her daddy took our dog Henry on a walk. She really wanted to go, but I had to get her dressed first. So I got her dressed then went into my room to get dressed myself. I had to do a few other things before I was ready to walk with her to find her daddy....well before I knew it Ella was gone and out of the house!
I found her all the way down our street near a very busy road looking for her daddy! She has no fear inside of her and it is the scariest thing for me, I just praised the Lord that I found her when I did.
I guess I need to keep all doors locked ALL of the time now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Day Only Walgreens $10 OFF $40 29-30th

2 Day only Coupon for Friday & Saturday 29th & 30th

$10 off $40

Heres a scenario

6 Garnier Fructis Stylers, Shampoo or Conditoner

3 John Frieda Volumizing products

TOTAL $40.17

Use these coupons
$10/$40 USE FIRST
6 $1.00 IVC for the Garnier
6, $1.00 MQ for the Garnier
1, $3/2 MQ for John Frieda
1, $1.00 MQ for John Frieda

You get $9 RR for the John Frieda and $10 MIR for the Garnier

Your OOP should be $14.17
Your OOP after RR & MIR $-4.83 in overage!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gaunt Family Cruise

Well we made it there and back in one peice! It was such an amazing trip,even with all 25 of us! Our grandparents decided to take us all on a cruise to the Bahamas! What a blessing it was.

The kids really enjoyed swimming in the ocean.

Ben found a really neat looking octapus, crab & some pretty fish!

Ben & I did enjoy some alone time without the kiddies too!

With all that family we had lots of babysitters

I must say my Ella Grace did a lot of growing on the trip too. She is talking complete sentences, very clear and grown up! She actually obeyed the whole trip:-) That was a HUGE plus. It was a bonus her big brother helped out so much too. Always mommy's little helper!

At the end of the trip we were ready to come home!

There really is no place like home:-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Febreze Coupon

Heres a Febreze $2.00 Coupon. It allows you to print as many as you like!

Great Deal Friday & Saturday ONLY!!!

Wanted to post a great deal at Walgreens this Friday & Saturday only
that would be great for stockpiling!

Buy 6 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or styler
Use these coupons:
FYI There is a 2 day ( FRI & SAT)only IP for $10/$40 so hopefully that will be helpful!!

6, $1.00 mq (if you have that many, if not use as many as you have)
6, $1.00 IVC From August

Then you can get a $10 mail-in-rebate from the September ES when you spend $20 or more of these items!!

Your total OOP after rebate would be $.32 each!

Good luck, I'll be going Friday:-) Hopefully there will be a $5/20 this week!

Selling Your Stockpile!

Well I just had my first garage sale where I only sold cleaning & health & beauty items! I must say I was a little embarrassed at first to offer 2.5 tables worth of items, but once they started selling (quickly!) I was very happy.

Here is a list of what I sold, how much I sold it for and how much I profited

Windex Antibacterial Cleaner sold it for $1.50, made $.75 per bottle
Wisk & All 2x Laundry Soap sold it for $2.5o, made $1.50 per bottle
Venus Embrace Razor sold for $5.00 made $3.00
Mens schick razor sold for $4.50, made $4.50
Satin Gillette Shave Gel sold for $1.50, made $1.25
Womens deodorant sold for $1.50, made $.75
Mens Gillette Deodorant sold for $1.50, made $1.00
Shampoo & Conditioners...sold it for $1.50 each, made $1.00 each
Larger bottles of S&C sold it for $2.50, made $1.50 each
Soft Soap Body Wash sold it for $2.50, made $1.25 each
Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh T.P. sold it for $1.50, made $1.50
Crest, Colgate Tooth Brushes, sold for $2.00 made $2.00
Zantac 8ct sold it for $2.00, made $2.00

So I could go on and on but I wont...I made $265 in 1.5days, you can to. Just be brave enough to try. I seriously only sold my stock pile items, besides a few children items...good luck

Walgreens Deal 8/25/08

Well this is my very first blog post! Yeah thanks to Chris for the help in getting me started:-)

So I'll just get to the point! Here is my pretty great deal I just had at Walgreens

My total oop was $22.39 Total Savings: $109.85!

4 bottles of Febreze ( 2 bogos, 2, .50 mqs)
4 Glade Plug-Ins Scented oil WAGS advertized BOGO (2 bogos 2, $4 mqs = overage)
2 Loreal Vive Shampoo (1bogo, 2 $1 IVC, 2 $1 mqs= $4.00 overage!)
2 Loreal Vive Conditioner (1bogo, 2 $1 IVC, 2 $1 mqs= $4.00 overage!)
2 boxes Playtex tampons 18 ct (2 $1.50 WAGS mq, 1 $1mq)
1 box Tamax Tampons 36 ct( 1 $2.00 mq)
4 packs of Trident xtra care (4,.99 wags coups, 2 bogos)
3 bottles Dawn Dish Soap ( 3, .99 wags coups, 3 .50 mqs)
3 bottles Soft Soap ( 3, .99 wags coups, 3, .35 mqs)
2 bottles Dial Yogurt, Vanilla Honey Hand soap ( 1 bogo) REALLY YUMMY!
1 each John Freida Shampoo & Conditioner wags advertized buy one get one %50 off( 1 $ 1, $1 mq)
2 John Freida Stylers ($3 mq, $1 mq) Same Wags deal
1 Garier Nutritionist Eye Roller ( $5 IVC, $2 mq) I really like this one too, great product