Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Coupons to Print !

There are some great new and reset coupons to print off now from Coupons.com, and some other sites.

Here are some great ones to print before the limit is reached:

$1.50/1 Kashi TLC Soft-baked Bars

$2/1 Listerine/Reach Product

$1.50/1 Bayer Quick Release Crystals

$1/3 Haagen-Dazs Single Serve 4oz Cup, YUMMOS!

$1.25/1 Digornio Flatbread Pizza

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you need a license to sell your stockpile??

I was having coffee with my father on Saturday and telling him how I missed out on selling my stockpile at the Happy Valley garage sales, he then pointed something out to me that I have never thought of before:

*Do you need a business license or a license from the city if your intent is to resale your brand new items you just bought? *
Even if it's at a garage sale my father pointed out that it could be considered (your garage) a store especially if you buy the items we usually get for free with the purpose of re-selling them to make some $$.
After discussing this with him we both came up with an answer of this is something that is a gray area. My intent is not to resell all of my stock, but yes I know I can resell it if I want to. I feel I am being honest in what I do and forthcoming to the people who buy my stuff.

So my question to all you readers, what do you think about this? I think it is worth a call to the city ( I plan on making later) just to make sure I'm not breaking any laws. I want to give all my readers and viewers honest information, so that is why I'm throwing this question out to everyone!

Please do leave a comment with your ideas on it:-)



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry No More Blogging for a While

I'm so sad to have to say but I am unable to post any great deal ideas/scenarios or grocery/drug store goodies. My son broke my good fast laptop and I am using my ancient laptop that literally takes me about 20 minutes per post! I dont have that kind of time....

I am looking frantically for a replacement that is CHEAP!!

So in the mean-time I would recommend checking out other local bloggers:

Frugal Living NW

Saving 4 My Family

Hip 2 Save

Money Saving Mom

Hope to be Blogging Real Soon!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FREE Redbox Rental WYB Endangered Species Chocolate *!*

**EDIT** I guess you have to buy the Chocolate at a Walgreens that has the Redbox Kiosk at the store. Hopefully that will work for someone, I havent seen one in Portland**
Well thanks to one of my readers for the heads-up about this great deal!!

**Walgreen's is running a deal June 1st through July 31st: When you buy any 3 0z Endangered Species Chocolate Bar you get a FREE 1 night rental @ Redbox**

Checkout the details HERE

Thanks again Monica Eve!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walgreens: $5 off $25 June 10th & 11th Only *!*

Wow I cannot believe that Walgreens have released another $5/$25 in store purchase!
**The coupon is valid for in store purchase tomorrow Wednesday June 10th and Thursday June 11th**

Too bad the deals are not too good this week, in fact I didnt even find them worthy to post:-)

But you are in luck you can check out some Walgreens deals for the week HERE

Get your $5/$25 HERE

Good luck and happy shopping!

GDA: Free Clorox Cleaner @ Safeway *!*

Doing some shopping at Safeway today and came across a SMOKIN HOT deal!

They are have a cleaning promo running through June 25th, buy any 4 participating products save $4 instantly.

Well they had Clorox all purpose cleaner on sale for $2.49, buy 4 and save $4 instantly

THE GOOD PART....there were $1.50/1 peelies on the bottles and with the Sfwy Dbl they are FREE or $.04 overage!

Woo Hoo I love freebies....so hurry on out to your nearest Safeway and score some free cleaner. This is a great item to sell at a garage sale!!

Good luck and happy shopping:-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

GDA: Albertsons Spend $25 get a $10 Catalina

I was at Albertsons tonight getting some more fabulous FREE items and at checkout got a printout announcing a great promotion!

Buy $25 worth of ConAgra and/or Dannon products between June 15th and June 24th and get a $10 Catalina on your next purchase!

I love these promos and will be looking for the ad to get some great scenarios put together, let's hope that these are rolling cats:-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Albertsons Double Deals 6-3 to 6-9

**EDIT** Just a reminder that these deals are good starting tomorrow Wednesday June 3rd Sadly I went today coupons on hand and couldnt figure out why the deals were not working!**

Just got the Oregonian Food Day today and just glancing at the Albertsons ad I can tell it will be another great week of FREEBIES!

I only have time to post a few great freebies I see. We have family in town and we are off for another day of visiting:-)

Good Deals:

V8 V Fusion Juice/Vegetable Blend $1.88
-$1 Mfq
-$1 Dbl

Quaker True Delights $1.99
-$1/1 Mfq
-$1 Dbl

Mission Tortillas $1.99
-$1 IP Here
-$1 Dbl

Tree Top Apple Juice 64oz $1.49
-$1/2 Mfq
-$1 Dbl
=$.98 for 2 Jugs of Juice

*Buy $10 worth of Participating Products Save $3 Instantly with Club Card*

Seattles Best Coffee 2/$10
-$3 Instant Savings
-(2) $1.50 IP Here
-(2) $1 Dbl
=$2 For 2 Bags of Yummy Coffee!! This is a great one to stock up on if you are a coffee addict like me:-)

Tazo Tea 3/$10
-$3 Instant Savings
-(3) $1.50 IP Here
-(3) $1 Dbl
=FREE plus $.50 Overage!

2 Boxes of Ritz or Wheat Thins$2.50
2 Boxes of Saltine Crackers $2.50
-$3 Instant Savings
-(2) $1 Ritz IP, no longer available
-(2) $1 Saltine IP, no longer available
-(3) $1 Dbl

Good luck and Happy Shopping!!