Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safeway Super Sunday Deals!!

Here are some great deals going on at Safeway!
***Only valid Sunday, 2/01***

12 Pack Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7-Up
4/$7.99 (With club card & Coupon in Sunday Paper)

Spend $25 on groceries in a single transaction
Signature Cafe Pizza ($5 Value)

Lays Potato Chips or Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.69

Johnsonville Bratwurst Sausage 2/$5
-(2) $1 MFR
-$1 Sfwy Dbl
=$2 for 2

Tillamook Chunk Cheese $4.99 (Limit 2)

AquaStar 1 lb Cooked Shrimp $5.99

3 Day Only Deals
**valid only 2/1 to 2/3**


Motts Apple Juice $.99 (Limit 1)
-$1 Mfr
-$.50 Sfwy Dbl
=Overage of $1.49

Large Raw Shrimp $4.99 lb

Cheez-It $1.88 (Limit 2)

Oven Joy Bread $.89 (Limit 1 )

****Post a comment with your great savings or if I missed anything!***

Monday, January 26, 2009

Albertson's Sneak Peak 1/28 - 2/3

Yeah it's that time again! Here's a sneak peak to this coming weeks ad:-0 Thanks again to HCW you can see the Albies ad HERE
**Scenarios & coupon match ups will be posted later**

Albies Extreme Value Coupons:
Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper $.98 (Limit 6)
Albies Brand Cereal $1.49 (Limit 8)
Albies Brand Juice $.99 (Limit 9)
Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese $1.99 (Limit 4)
Pork Baby Back Ribs $2.99LB
Arctic Shores Cooked Shrimp, 2lb Bag $4.79lb (Limit 2)
Arm & Hamor Laundry Detergent $3.49 (Limit 1)

Super Party Savings!
Buy 1 Culinary Circle Pizza $6.29
Get for FREE
1 Culinary Pizza AND
2, 2 Liters of DR. Pepper

Buy 1 Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn $2.99
Get 3 FREE!

Other good deals

Boneless Skinless Chicken breast $1.77 lb
Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters $.79 lb
Lays Chips $3.99 (BOGO)
Ritz Crackers 2/$5
-$2/2 Mfr
-$.50 Sfwy Dbl
=$2.50 for 2
Granny Smith or Red Delicious Apples $.99 lb
Barilla Pasta $.99
Scott 4count Bath Tissue $.99
Kleenex Tissues $.99

FREE Milk WYB 4 Participating Kellogg's Cereals 2/$5

Save $3 on Chicken Instantly WYB any 3 of these items: ( GDA! Chicken is only $1.77 per lb, with this coupon you could get FREE chicken)
Kraft Miracle Whip 2/$6
Kraft Mayo 2/$6
Kraft Salad Dressing 2/$4
Kraft BBQ Sauce 2/$5
Kraft Deluxe or Velveeta Mac n Cheese 2/$5

Save $5 instantly WYB $20 worth of any participating Coca-Cola, DiGiorno or California Pizza Chicken Products:

Coke 3/$10
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza 2/$10
-$2 MFR
-$5 instantly
-$1 Sfwy Dbl

***I will post scenarios and coupon match ups later***

Albertsons Trip 1/26

Made it out to the store today, even with 2 sick kids! They actually did really well. I had my list's together and knew where everything was so getting the items was quick:-0 I did 2 Transactions

Here is what I got:

6 Progresso Broth's (Promo)
2 Gold Medal Flour (Promo)
4 Lipton Pasta Sides (Bogo)
2 Lipton Soup Mix (Bogo)
4 Wish Bone Salad Dressings (Bogo)
4 Wish Bone Salad Spritzers (Bogo)
8 All Laundry Detergent (Bogo)
4 Gold Fish Crackers
5 Quaker Bagged Rice Snacks ($1.25 Each)
2 Coffemate Creamer

TOTAL:$140.40 (Before Club Card & Coupons)

-$5 GM Instant Savings off $20
-$5/50 Entertainment Book MFR
-$5 CAT
-(2) $4 Sfwy Dbl
-$6 Progresso Mfr
-$3 Wish Bone Spritzer Mfr
-$2.4 Wish Bone Dressing Mfr
-$12 All Detergent Mfr ($1.50 each)
-$.75 Lipton Soup Mfr
-$1.50 Lipton Sides Mfr
-$5 Quaker Rice Cake Mfr
-$2 Gold Fish Peelie
-$1 Coffemate Mfr


2 Gold Medal Flour (Promo)
2 Multi-Grain Cheerios (Promo)
3 Yoplait Yo-Plus (Promo)
2 Boxes Fruit Roll-ups
2 Boxes Juicy Juice
3 Chex Mix (Promo)
2 Bags Doritos (Bogo)
4 Jars Ragu (Bogo)

TOTAL: $67.40 (Before Club Card & Coups)

-$5 Instant Savings off $20
-$5 CAT
-$5/50 Entertainment Mfr
-(2) $4 Sfwy Dbl
-$1.50 IP Cheerios
-$3 Yo-Plus Mfr
-$1 Fruit Roll-Up Mfr
-$1.50 Juicy Juice Mfr
-$1.50 Chex Mfr
-$1 Ragu Mfr


Total OOP: $43.49 ($29.53 is Grocery)
Total Savings: $164.71

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Spending 1-18 to 1-24

Here's my weekly spending/savings report. I reset my budget to $45 but this week spent exactly $5o. I think it's very important to be flexible with your budget, to a degree, and not stress if you go a little over:-)

OOP: $50
Saved: $147
% Saved: 75

OOP:$5 (14 Sunsilk from Wags promo used my GC, so nothing really OOP)
Saved: $58
% Saved: 92

I still have $10RR at Walgreens
$10 in CATS at Albertsons

Friday, January 23, 2009

Portland Fruit CO Trip 1-23

Went to the Portland Fruit Company today and can I say woot woot! I love this place now:-0 Wonderful people, great quality and SUPER prices! Dont know why it took me so long to go

I got all of this for $21.07
Total Savings: $34.73 (Based on Albertsons current prices)

2 Red Peppers
1 Green Pepper
2.5 lbs Tomatos
2 Organic Salad Containers
1 Flour Tortilla Shells
1 lb Green Beans
7 Large Bananas ( Only 3 Cents for all 7!)
1 Huge Stock Romaine Lettuce
1.5 lbs Broccoli
2 Garlic Cloves
3 Shallots
3 Huge Cucumbers
3.75 lbs Pears
4.60 lbs Honeycrisp Apples

My super savings was the Honeycrisp Apples I saved $10.53 on those alone!
The other big one was the Organic Salad mix I saved $8 on 2

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Albertsons Scenarios 1/21 - 1/27

Here are a few scenarios I came up with that I will do probably on Monday

These are for the $1.88 items

Transaction #1:
4 Progresso Broth's
-(4) $1 MFR
2 Fiber One Yogurts
-(2) $1 IP HERE
2 Multi-Grain Cheerios
-(2) $.75 IP HERE
-$5 Instantly
-(2) $4 Sfwy Dbl


Transaction #2
2 Gogurts
-$1/2 IP HERE
2 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
-(2) $.40 Mfr OR $1/2 IP HERE
2 Progresso Broth
-(2) $1 MFR
2 Gold Medal Flour
-$5 Instantly
-(2) $2.40 Sfwy Dbl

OOP:$7.8 OR $8.80

These are for the $1.50 Items:
Transaction #1
2 Bisquick
-(2) $1 IP HERE
4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
-(4) $.35 MFR
2 Yo-Plus Yoplait Yogurt
-(2) $1 IP HERE
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
-(2) $.40 MFR
-$5 Instantly
-(2) $2.75 Sfwy Dbl

OOP: $6.05

Transaction #2
4 Chex Mix/Cheerios Snack Mix
-(4) $.50 MFR
4 Progresso Soup
-$1/2 MFR
2 Yo-Plus Yogurt
-(2) $1 IP HERE
2 Bisquick
-(2) $1 IP HERE
-$5 Instantly
-(2)$4 Sfwy Dbl

OOP: $4.00

Kellogg's Cereal $1.75 each WYB 4 in a single transaction
-(2) $1.50 MFR 1/18 insert
-$1 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $3

Here are the deals for the BOGO's. The price listed is the price I got from the ad, actual price might be cheaper, hopefully!

2 Ragu Pasta Sauce $3.39
-$.50/2 MFR 1/18 insert
-$.50 Sfwy Dbl
OOP $2.39

Lipton Rice/Pasta Sides: $1.99
-$.75/2 MFR 1/18 insert
-$.75 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $.49

Skippy Peanut Butter: $3.29
-$.75/2 MFR 1/18 insert
-$.75 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $1.79

All Laundry Detergent: $6.49
-(2) $.150 MFR ( Cant remember date)
-$1 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $2.49

Vaseline Lotion: $4.69
-(2) $.125 MFR 1/18 insert
-$1 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $1.19

Wishbone Salad Dressing: $3.49
-(2) $.50 MFR 1/18 insert
-$.50 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $1.99

Leave a comment with some of your scenarios! It's always nice to have new ideas!
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Round #2 @ Wags

OK went back to Walgreens with my sister-in-law's MFR! Sad yes I did pack up the kids again in the truck, but it was a good trip. I learned some things:

First the YELLOW bottles of Sunsilk DO NOT count toward the RR's. That is why I only got a $6RR the first time. I got 6 bottles of blue and 2 yellow.

This time around I bought the last 6 clearance items: 4 blue 2 yellow and only got a $4RR...which is OK I still made $$
I only paid $1.14 OOP on my GC

So total OOP$4.28 on GC
Got back $10 in RR

Plus I have 14 bottles of Sunsilk to sell at my garage sale this spring! (I sold them $3 each last year!)

Sunsilk Money Maker @ Walgreens!!

So for everyone wondering YES there is a Sunsilk Money Maker out there! I just went to the 82nd Wags and bought 8 Sunsilk for $1.19 each, used 4, $2/2 MFR from the 1/18 insert....

I paid $1.52 OOP on my WAGS GC
I got a $6 RR, not sure why it didnt print a $10? But that's all good I still made $4.48!

So get to your local Walgreens and hunt down the clearance isle!

FYI the 82nd Wags still had about 8 more Sunsilk clearance items:-)

Good luck, happy shopping!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Albertsons Sneak Peak 1/21 to 1/27

Looks like some more great deals to be had!! Thanks to HCW for the ad you can see it HERE I will be working on the coupon match-ups tonight...hopefully will be posted, if not tomorrow

Here are the Extreme Savings Coupons:
(Also a TON of $3 & $5 In-Ad Coupons)

FREE 2 Liter Cherry 7-Up with in-store coupon January 24th Only!
Albertsons Tomato Sauce 8 for $1 (Limit 8)
Iceberg Lettuce $.88 Each (Limit 4)
Hershey's Reese's or Kit Kat Snack Bags $1.49 (Limit 2)
Bone-In Assorted Pork Chops, Sirloin or Blade $1.49 LB
Johnsonville Grilling Sausages $2.99 Each, no Limit

Another good promo spend $20 worth of participating items (Over 150) save $5 instantly with club card. I will post some good scenarios with coupon match ups later!

Here are all the BOGO's (B1G1) there are lots!! Prices are unknown at this point:

Ragu Pasta Sauce
Breyers Ice Cream (Yummos!)
Skippy Peanut Butter
Lipton Rice/Pasta Sides
Wishbone Salad Dressings, Sprays
Lawry's Marinades
All 2x or 3x Laundry Detergent
Q-Tip Cotton Swags
Klondike Ice Cream Bars
Lipton Tea
Bertolli Olive Oil
Sunsilk Hair Care
Vaseline Hand or Body Lotion
Lever 2000 Soap
Hormel Bacon

Weekly Spending 1/11 to 1/17

Here is my weekly spending/savings for the week. I was looking at my report and am not sure how my grocery got to $58? I dont remember everything I bought...I'm thinking I must of stocked up on some meat...anyway here are the figures

OOP: $58
Saved: $181
% Saved: 76

OOP: $31
Saved: $137
% Saved: 82

Now that this month is almost over here are my remaning totals for the month:

Groceries: $94
Catalinas: $15 (Money off my next purchase at Albertson's)
Household: $0 (I wont need anything til February at least!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

How-to-Guide ''Couponing 101"

OK after several post and emails from confused newbies I have decided to sit down and right out ''how I do it''!

First of all I updated my blog with an abbreviation list on the left hand side of the blog. This is the ''terminology'' us couponer's use and will help guide you through my posts.

OK down to business:

I first got started on the Grocery Game. I signed up for a 4 week trial for $1 and received ad's for Albertsons, Safeway, Rite Aid and Walgreens, with the corresponding coupon match-ups. Terri's list would come out every Saturday and list these stores ''Rock Bottom'' prices for items with the coupon's to match. That way your OOP (out of pocket) would be the very lowest possible. This is a great way to start because she puts all the scenarios together for you.

Second buy as many Sunday papers as you can afford. I usually buy 4 a week, more if they are good. I get free ones from family as well. A good stockpile of same coupons is necessary for real savings on food and household items. Look for the Food Day every Tuesday for this has the major store deals for the week.IE Safeway, Albertsons Rite Aid. Then look for the lowest sale prices of items you will use and eat, then match them up with the coupons you have.

I.E....Albertsons has a promo this week buy 4 participating Quaker products saving $2 instantly with club card, making each item $1.50 each

So you could buy 4 boxes High Fiber Instant oatmeal
Use 4, $1 MFR (manufacture coupon) PLUS the $2 SFW DBL (Safeway Doubler)

And all 4 items would be FREE! The Safeway Doubler is in the Safeway ad and will double 4 manufacturer coupons $.50 each.

Also look for store promotions. IE... Albertsons just ran a promo where you spend $30 of participating products and you will receive $15 CATALINA back. A catalina is an instore coupon that prints and is like cash of your next instore purchase.


Buy 3 Pampers Jumbo Packs $30
use (3) $1 MFR Coupon
use (3) $1 Albertsons in-ad Dbler
use $2 Sfwy Dbler
OOP $22 and you get $15 for the spend $30 promo plus $5 for an additional baby promo!

Making your oop after coupons and catalinas $2!

Third, try to shop once a week or what works for you. Write out a list with your coupon-match ups and have a total of what your OOP should be. That way you have an idea once you checkout if something did not ring up correctly. Make sure you STICK TO YOUR LIST...just because something is on sale doesn't mean it's a good deal or that you necessarily need it! If you start buying off your list you will find your OOP WAY TOO HIGH:-) Also it is a MUST to set a budget for your spending, whether it's a weekly budget or monthly.

Currently my weekly budget is $45 or less for food. I did have a budget of $5o but found I was only spending around $45 so I lowered it and am saving that $5 extra for something else. Some people use the cash envelope system, I use my accounting software to track it and set my budget. Use what works for you.

So I hope all of this has helped you. I know it is all confusing at first, but keep reading and following blogs, that has helped me out. Don't be afraid to ask questions either:-) We are all here to help. Please feel free to keep leaving comments if you don't understand and I will try to help.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Albertson's (Oatmeal) Trip 1/14

Holy smokes am I ever stocked up on oatmeal now! Like I posted earlier they are have a great deal this week buy any 4 participating Quaker products save $2 instantly making each item $1.50 before coupons!

So here is what I got:
(3) 42oz Old Fashioned Oats
(5) Simple Harvest Instant Hot Cereal
(6) High Fiber Instant Oatmeal
(2) Sweet & Salty Crunch Granola Bars

(2) 2lb brick Tillamook Cheese
(2) Garlic Cloves
10 LBS Chicken Leg Quarters
1 Buitoni Tortelloni Fridge Pasta
1 Buitoni Alfredo Sauce
1 bag Fresh Express Salad
1 Culinari Circle Parm Cheese

TOTAL: $118.26 (before club card & coupons)

-(4) $8 Instant Quaker Savings with club card
-(5) $1 MQ Cut from old Simple Harvest Box
-(6) $1 MQ High Fiber (1/04 insert I believe)
-(3) $.60 MQ Old Fashioned Oats 1/04 insert
-$2 Buitoni MQ
-$.55 MQ
-$8.22 Albies Tilamook Cheese Coupon
-$5 In-ad Dinner Deal (Buitoni)
-$20 in Cats from 15/30 Promo
-$2 Sfwy DBL's
% Saved: 88

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FREE Seattle's Best Coffee!!

For all the Seattle's Best Lover's out there, like me, they have a wonderful deal out any medium or large drink and get a FREE pastry or coffee of equal value.

Cant beat that:-) My favorite are the white mochas with the REAL white chocolate shavings on top.....yummos.

Click HERE for the coupon, remember you can print and go as many times as you want, every day if you like:-) Expires 3/3/09

Enjoy and happy drinking!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Albertsons Preview 1/14 to 1/20

Thanks to Superbob @ HCW for the preview! You can see the ad scan HERE

Here are a couple great deals that stood out to me: (Coupon match-up will be posted later)

All Quaker items on sale with club card for $2

For every 4 participating items you save $2
(Making each item $1.50)

Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
Quaker Oats
Quaker Cap'n Crunch Cereal
Quaker Breakfast Cookies
Quaker Life Cereal

Some Albies (Albertsons) Super Coupons:

Tillamook Cheese $5.88 (Limit 2)
(All but Sharp Cheddar listed)

Albies 3LB Bag Red Delicious Apples $1.86

Arctic Shores Raw Shrimp 2LB Bag $3.99 LB (Limit 2)

Other Great Deals:

Free Mountain Dew Voltage WYB (When You Buy) 3/$12 Mountain Dew Products

Kellogg's Cereal $1.25 for your first 4
Rice Krispies
Raisin Bran
Fruit Loops
Frosted Flakes

For every 10 Participating SC Johnson Product you buy save $5 Instantly (Making them $2 Each!)
Scrubbing Bubbles

I will go through all the coupon match-ups tomorrow and post them. Sorry I'm a bit tired tonight!! I know for sure there are some good cleaning coupons for the SC Johnson deal

Look for some good deals later on!

Weekly Spending 1/04 to 1/10

Weekly Spending & Savings

Groceries: $48 (Budget of $50)
Savings: $401
Total Savings: 89%

Household & Baby: $67 (Budget of $50 Way High I know but stocked up on Pull-Ups)
Savings: $267
Total Savings: 80%

Total OOP$115
Total Savings: $668
Total Average % in Savings: 85%

I still have $152 left in my Grocery budget and am in the negative for my household baby by $17. But I have carried over $45 from my grocery budget from the previous month and will take it out of that. I do not anticipate me buying anything else in my household budget if so I will use the $45 I carried over...thus leaving me $28 for the rest of the month.

I would love to see any comments on your savings this week/month! It's always nice to get new ideas on how to save
Happy Shopping this week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Smokin Albertsons Trip!

Everything wouldn't fit on the table so I had to use the chairs!

Went to Albertsons today and completed my final 3 transactions! Holy-smokes is my brain fried now:-) I will list each trans separate but leave out all the coupons I used bc there were just too many.
Transaction #1
9 Boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars (Used $1.50 Sfwy Coup)
2 Dozen Albies Eggs
2 Boxes Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix
6 Boxes Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (My Fav)
4 Boxes Bisquick
2 Boxes Fiber One Granola Bars
4 Bags Tostitos Scoop's Chips (Used $1.88 Sfwy Coup)
2 Lbs Albies Butter
2 Kids Aquafresh Toothpaste
5, 20oz Jennie O Ground Turkey (Used $1.99lb Sfwy Coup)
9Lbs Red Delicious Apples (Used $1.99 Sfwy Coup)
2, 5LB Bags Albies Potatoes
TOTAL $152.47 (Before Club card & Coups)
OOP $21.22 Plus $15 in CATS (used $15 in Cats as well)
Transaction #2
3 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
4 Boxes Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix
5 Boxes Honeynut Cheerios
4, (6ct) Kids Yoplait
2LBS Albies Butter
2 (5lbs) bags of Albies Potatoes
TOTAL$72.90 (Before Club card & Coups)
OOP $ .93 PLUS $15 in CATS (Used $15 in Cats as well)
Transaction #3
4, 6pk (24oz) Diet Pepsi (Used $1.99 Sfwy Coup)
2LBS Albies Butter
4 Venus Embrace Razors
2 Olay Facial Cleaners
TOTAL$91.08 (Before Club card & Coups)
OOP$25.08 (Forgot to use $6 in Albies dbl & $5CAT)
Got $15 in CATS and $15GC Olay MIR
Total OOP $47.23
Total Savings $316.45
Still have $35 in CATS to use as well:-)
Feel free to leave a comment with your awesome deals:-0

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Albertsons Shopping Trip 1/07

Had the chance to do a few transactions last night with out the kids! Woohoo always goes smoother that way. First of all I would recommend having a back-up scenario. The Albies I went to was out of a lot of items already! So I had to put a quick list together, and bring your coupons so you can do this!!!
Second of all both times my CATALINAS did not print, just take it to customer service and they will either print some out for you or in my case gave me 2 $15 Rain Checks. Which is kinda better that way I wont have a problem rolling the this is what I got:

Transaction #1

3 Pantene $9.99
2 Bisquick $5
2 Fiber One Pancake Mixes $6.67 (3/$10)
3 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $5
2 YO-Yoplait Yogurt $4
1 Beer for Husband $2.04

TOTAL $32.70 (30.66 promo)

-(2) $2 Pantene MQ expired 1/07
-$3/2 Pantene MQ (this was in there my accident but took it no prob oops)
-(2) $.60 Bisquick MQ
-$1 Fiber One IP
-(2)$1Yoplait IP
-$.60 Fiber One MQ
-$15 CATS
-(2) $6 Albies DBL
-$2 Sfwy DBL

OOP MONEYMAKER! I got paid $.10
But like I said my CAT didn't print so I couldn't use them on my next transaction. So I got a rain check

Transaction #2

4 Bisquick $10
2 Multi-Grain Cheerios $4
3 Golden Grahams $6
4 Fiber One Granola Bars $10
Beer for Hubby $2.04

Total $32.04

-(2) $1 Fiber One IP
-(2) $.50 Fiber One IP
-(2) $1 Bisquick IP
-$.50 GM MQ
-(2) $.75 Bisquick IP
-(2) $1/2 General Mills IP
-$.75 Cheerio IP
-(2) $6 Albies DBL's
-$2 Sfwy DBL's

OOP $13.29 with $15 Rain Check

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons Scenerios

Here are a couple scenarios to get started on the spend $30 get $15 promo

Transaction #1

4 Fiber One Bars $10
4Bisquick $10
5 Honey-Nut Cheerios $10

-(2 )$1 Fiber One IP Here
-(2) $.50 Fiber One MQ
-(2) $1 Bisquick IP Here
-(2) $.75 Bisquick IP Here
-$2.50 (Sfwy Limitless Coupon $1.50 Each)
-1/$3 MQ Cheerios
-1/$2 MQ Cheerios
-(2) $6 Albies DBL
-(2) $4 Sfwy DBL

OOP $9 plus $15 Catalina!

Transaction #2

3 Fiber One Pancake Mix $10
3 Cascadia Farm Organic Cereal $10
3 Pantene $10
Total $30

-(2) $1 Fiber One IP Here
-(3) $1 MQ 1/04 insert
- $3/2 Pantene MQ from 12/28 P&G
-$1/1 Pantene MQ from 12/28 P&G
-(2) $6 Albies DBL's
-(2) $4 Sfwy DBL's
-(2) $10 Cat from previous Transaction

OOP $1.00 PLUS $15 Catalina

Transaction #3

4 Kids Yoplait Yogurt $10
4 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $10
3 YO-Plus Yogurt $6
2 Fiber One Toaster Pastries $4
Total $30

-(2)$1/2 Yoplait Yogurt IP Here
-(2) $.50 Yoplait MQ
-(2) $1/2 Betty Crocker IP Here
-(2) $.45 Betty Crocker IP Here
-(2) $1 YO-Plus IP Here
-(1) $1 YO-Plus IP Here
-(2) $.75 Fiber One IP Here
-(2) $6 Albies DBL's
-(2) $4 Sfwy DBL's
-(1) $5 Catalina

OOP $4.60 PLUS $15 Catalina

Feel free to leave a comment with your great $ saving ideas!

For more great scenarios and ideas head on over to
Saving 4 My family

Albertsons Diaper Deal

To add the idea from Chris posted at HCW (thanks)
Buy 6 Packs of Pampers $60
-$10/$50 Sfwy from food day 2 weeks ago
-(6) $1 MQ
- $3 Albies DBL's
-$2 Sfwy DBL's
-(3) $15 Catalinas (if you have any from previous transaction)
OOP $24 PLUS $40 in Catalinas
OOP (w/o using CATS) $39 PLUS $40 in Catalinas

Went to Albertsons today to take part in the diaper deal, only to realize that I don't need diapers I need Pull-Ups, Yikes! FYI they are not apart of the 2/$20 they are $12.49 each. So if you buy 2 that is $24.98, only 2 Pennies shy of the 25/5 diaper promo! So I made a decision to buy 2, and 1 Pampers Underjam underwear knowing I could sell those to a friend who needs them.

This is what it comes out to

2 Pull-Ups $24.98
1 Underjam $12.49

-$1.50 Pampers Mailer MQ
-2, $1 MQ
-$3 Albies DBL

OOP $31.97

Get $20 in Cats again not the best scenario but when you need them anyway why not get some money back for them!

To get your baby promo up to $25 you could buy a cheap baby wash or wipes from Pampers, but I didn't have my coupon book with me, otherwise I would have!

Monday, January 5, 2009

FREE Scrapbooking Kit

This sounds great for all the scrapbooker's out there!

Buy any 2 Jif or Smuckers (or 1 of each) products by 3/31/09 and receive a FREE Scrapbooking Kit by mail. Click Here for the form. That would be a great reason to buy some this week at Albertsons!

Jif is $2 (buy 3)
-$1/3 MQ
-3, $1 Albies DBL
-$.50 Sfway DBL
OOP $1.50!

Smuckers $1.50 (buy 2)
-2, $35 MQ
-2, $.35 Albies DBL
-$.70 Sfwy DBL
OOP$ .90!

AMAZING!! Albertsons Preview 1/7 to 1/13

YEAH! This is the week for the $15/30 promo I talked earlier this week. Thanks to HCW for the ad scans you can see them here PLUS EVEN BETTER! You have 2,in-ad Twice the Value Coupon (6 total) matching the value of your MQ (Up to $1). That's not including your Safeway DOUBLE!

Spend $30 on participating General Mills, P&G and Coca Cola products and receive a $15 Catalina onyno plus spend $25 worth of select Baby items get a $5 Cat. I hear that these are rolling cats too. I will try to figure out how long these promos run. Dont forget about your 10/$50 from the Food Day last week!!

Here are a couple great scenerios:

Pampers Diapers, UnderJams or Pull-ups 3/$30 (Jumbo Pack)
-3 $1 MQ from 12/28 insert (Parade)
-3 $1 Albies DBL
-3,$.50 Sfwy DBL
- Receive $5 Cat for spend $25 of Baby Products &
- Receive $15 Cat for the spend $30 P&G promo
OOP after MQ & Cats $2.50!!

GM Select Cereals 2/$4
-1/$3 MQ 1/4 insert
-$1 Albies DBL

Select Betty Crocker 3/$5
- lots of MQ variations

Cascadia Farm Organic Cereal/bars 3/$10
-$1 MQ 1/4 insert
-$1 Albies DBL
-$.50 Sfwy DBL

Bisquick 2/$5
-$.6o MQ cant remember date OR
-$1 IP Here
-$1 Albies DBL
-$.50 Sfwy DBL

Fiber One G.B. 2/$5
-$1 IP Here
-$1 Albies DBL
-$.50 Sfwy DBL

Albertsons 5lb Bag of Potatoes (limit 2) $.25 Each

Albertsons 2lb Chunk Cheese (limit2) $4.99 Each

Albertsons Butter (limit2) $1.49 Each

Albertsons Dozen Eggs (limit2) $.99 Each

Select Kelloggs Cereal $1.67
( looks like Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes Fruit Loops)

FREE Sara Lee Bread WYB:
1 Jif $2 AND
1 Smuckers Jam $1.50

As you can see there are tons of options for spending your $30! Remember Iams, Pampers are apart of that and those items can ring up your total quick!

Happy Shopping

Walgreens Trip 1/5

Went to Walgreens today to complete some of my deals I had posted. One being the Flintstones Vitamins, the 224 Store was pretty low I had to get some sour gummy ones, hope that flies with my kids:-)

Here's what I got:
Transaction #1
Revlon Matte Eyeshadow $4.99 FAR
3 Jif PB $9
5 Flintstones Vit $20
6 Hunts Tomato Sauce $5.94
3 Children's Motrin $17.97
3 Soft soap $8.37

Total $66.27
-$3 Wags Peanut Butter in-ad
-$1/3 MQ P.B.
-$4 Coloring Book Coupon (Flintstones)
-$4 MQ 1/04 Insert (Flintstones)
-$2.80 Wags Hunts Sauce in-ad
-$3 Coloring Book coupon (Motrin)
-$2.50/2 MQ 1/04 Insert (Motrin)
-$6 Wags Motrin in-ad Coupon
-$5.40 Wags Soft soap In-ad
-$1.05 MQ 1/04 Insert (Soft soap 3, $.35)

Total After Coupons $33.52
-$16.49 GC
OOP $17.03
-$4.99 FAR
-$10 RR
OOP after rebate & RR $2.04

Transaction #2
2 Children's Tylenol Plus Cough $13.98
4 Boxes Playtex Sport Tampons $16

-2, $1.50 Peelie on Tylenol
-$2.50/2 MQ Tylenol 1/04 insert
-$2 Coloring Book Tylenol
-$4 Wags Tylenol in-ad
-$4 IVC for Tampons
-$4 MQ for tampons (cant remember date?)
-$10 RR

OOP $.48

+$2 RR for Tylenol, did not print will call. Wags had it advertised next to product buy 2 Tylenol get $2 RR
Making that transaction a moneymaker if it printed!

Flintstones Vitamin RR @ Walgreens

Walgreens is running a RR for Flintstones this week! Yeah I'm down to 4 vitamins. Spend $20 get $10RR

Buy 4 @ $5 each (Flintstones 60 ct)
-$1/1 MQ in 1/04 insert OR
-$1 IP Here
-$1 from coloring book insert

OOP $12.00
Get $10 RR

Vitamins are only $.50 each after coupons and RR!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Safeway Deals 1/4 - 1/11

Here are some great deals running this week at Safeway. Using the super coupons from the Sunday paper. Remember you can go to Albertsons and use the $10/50 from the food day and the $5/50 from the Entertainment book

Heres a list of what I will be buying later this week:
Nature Valley GB $1.50 with super coupon
-.50 MQ OR
-$.60 IP Here OR
- $1/2 IP Here
-.50 DBL
Pepsi or Aquafina 6 pack $1.99
Skippy PB $1.49
-$1/2 OR
-$.40 OR
-$.35 MQ

Tostito's Scoops $1.88

Totinos Pizza Rolls $2.99
-$1 IP Here
-.50 DBL
Lean Cuisine / Hot Pockets $1.8o wyb 5
-$1/2 IP Here &
-$2/5 IP Here
Leave a comment if I missed any good deals!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

REVISED ***Deal Alert for Walgreens & Albertsons***

REVISED for Walgreens!!

Just a head's up about an upcoming promotion for Albertsons. I got a Catalina today at checkout announcing a promo of spend $30 on participating products ( General Mills, P&G, Coca Cola) and receive a $15 cat keep an eye out for this promo in the paper, might be a good time to spend $5o worth of P&G for your $120 coupon book!

Just found the qualifying items for this promo:
Vicks Vaporub, 1.75oz
Vicks Dayquil or Nyquil Liquid 10 oz or 20 ct Liquicaps
Vicks Comfort Flex or Speed Read Thermometer
Vicks 44 Liquid, 6 0z
Plus look for the circular for more participating products!!
The other Catalina I received was from Walgreens today. This was for any Vicks products the promo runs until 2/28....spend $15 get a $5RR, spend $20 get a $10RR....I will be keeping my eye out for coupon match ups. Look for the 1/18 insert and the 2/1 for the best deals

Albertsons Trip 1/3/09

FINALLY made it to a grocery store today. I was so excited too bc of the bad weather and the holidays I only spent $20 of my $50 weekly budget over the last 2 weeks! Yeah so that carry's this week I knew I could splurge on some items.

Here is what I got:
1 box Quaker Granola Bars $3.49
1 Deluxe Mac n Cheese $3
4 Loaves of Bread $7.56
6 packages Albies English Muffins $7.74
4 Nestle Choco Chips $10
-$3 promo
-$2 MQ
4 Coffeemate Creamers $10
-$3 Promo
-$2.50 IP
5 Boxes Kellogg's Rice Krispies $7.95
-$5 MQ
2 Clorox Bleaches $3.38
1 Act Kids Rinse $4.49
-$1 Peelie
4 Sunday Papers $6
1 Motorcycle Magazine for Hubby $6
2 Pure Protein Bars $3.98
-$1.50 MQ
5 Odwalla Bars $5
-$1, Free Albies Coupon in Food Day
2 Fresh Express Salad Bags $5
-$2 IP
Plus Get 2lbs Free Bananas with Purchase
-$2.50 for Bananas
1 Eggplant $1.00
6 Pears $3
2 lbs Tomatoes $6
2 Del Monte Fruit Natural Cups $3.98
- BOGO MQ from Vocalpoint
-$1 MQ from Vocalpoint
1 lb organic baby carrots $1.79
Total before Coupons and club card $135.59
-$10/100 Albies Cat found in grocery cart!
-$10/50 Safeway
-$5/50 Safeway coupon from Entertainment book
-$2 Sfwy DU
-$8.50 MQ on all other items that was on receipt not sure how that worked out??

OOP $43.58

Friday, January 2, 2009

$5/50 Grocery Coupons in Entertainment Book

If you are interested in purchasing the 2009 Entertainment Book you can purchase it through Ebates and receive $6 cash back on your purchase. They are onsale for $16.25 that would make it $10.25 oop if you went through Ebates Plus if you are new to Ebates once your "purchase'' amount reaches $5.01 you are qualified to receive your ''promotional'' bonus, which is a $10 gift card or $5 cash...cant go wrong there!

Just an FYI that the Entertainment book is LOADED with $5/$50 coupons you can use in conjunction with the Food Day $10/$50 coupon for this week and next.

Here are the participating stores:
( Each store offers a total of 4 coupons running in 3 month increments)



Market of Choice


You can use all of these ( and I have) at Albertsons, remember they take up to 10 competitor coupons! So don't forget to clip them out of your book and store in your coupon binder!!