Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunday Coupon Inserts for 5/31

There will be 2 inserts in this weeks Sunday paper. You can pick the paper up on Saturday at your local Drug or Grocery store, usually around noon. I like to do this so I can be prepared for any HOT deals going on starting Sunday!
1 Smart Source (SS)
1 Red Plum (RP)
**Look for a $2 Aveeno Nourish hair care coupon, maybe Walgreens or Rite Aid will have a smokin deal for them**
Checkout the coupons here
*As always thanks to the coupon clippers for their work in getting these out to us early*

Safeway & Albertsons Deals 5-27 to 6-2

Sadly I will have to agree with Frugal Living that the deals this week are boring! I've been nursing a cold for a few days now and will be taking a break this next week from the blog, we have family in from out of town.

So checkout what deals there are at FrugallivingNW

Albertsons deals here
and the Safeway deals here

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Selling Your Stockpile @ Garage Sale: A How To Guide *!*

Well after several curious readers have asked me ''how do I do it?'' And ''it'' being sell my stockpile at my garage sales I have decided to put together this post with detailed pictures and descriptions of what and how I do it. It is really easy and if you are organized a bit in the beginning it will be a breeze!
So let's get started: Here are some guidelines to follow, it will make it easier on you and ''buyers'' to find you!

1.Advertising, BIG BRIGHT BOLD Signs! Make sure all signs you make are on BIG BRIGHT PAPER. I buy a poster kit at Walgreens for $4.99 plus a heavy duty black permanent marker for $1.99. I use the Green and Pink Poster Paper and make the signs SIMPLE and easy to read! Don't waste time putting your address. I simple wrote: SALE with an arrow pointing them in the right direction. On signs that are further away from your house put the day's, IE..Fri-Sat 5/1 - 5/2 That way people will know when to follow your lovely signs you made to buy buy buy!
Also put an ad on Craigslist (about 2-3 days before your sale) or your blog to help promote it. I asked the people if they followed the signs or saw it off of Craigslist and most people said they followed the signs and several people said ''Those are the best garage sale signs I've seen in years!'' So there you go:-)

2. Organize, Organize, Organize...Your Stockpile! I use these handy storage totes from Target (I bought on sale for $2.99) to organize into categories: Oral Care, Beauty, Hair Care, Medicine, Fragrance, Shaving, and Misc. I try to always put a small round sticker on the bottom or top of each product of the actual OOP (out of pocket) I spent on the item so I know what to charge at the garage sale.

3. Appropriate Pricing: This one is a hard one to learn. My first year of selling my stockpile I only made $256 in 2.5 days as opposed to this years $570 in 1.5 days! My first year I was ''nervous'' about selling my goods. ''What would people think? Would they really buy all my stuff?'' Well need-less to say that is all they bought!
So I learned my lesson this year and priced things about .50 to $1 higher. I try to always make atleast $1-$3 on each item. All the freebies we get those are easy! I try to have my prices be a tad bit cheaper than Walmart or Target.
On my last day I slashed everything to HALF OFF of original prices. Again, I made a REALLY large sign I put in front of my house that ready Everything Half Off, that got a lot of people to come in and buy $20-$40 worth in one trip! Look at the end of the post for what I priced my stock at.
4. Organize Sale Items into $ bins: Again I used the totes to put all $1, $2, $4 ect..items into. That way you are saving yourself time by individually pricing each item. This worked really well for all the Bertolli Spaghetti sauce I was selling! Put your more expensive items like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies out on the table. Then simple make 1 sign saying ''Laundry Soap $3.50'' and tape the sign in front of the items. That way you wont be asked a bazillion times what each item costs!

5. Set-Up & Staging: I would stage your sale so the first thing people see driving up are your really nice items, like my table of laundry detergent, Windex, Glade Air freshners, you know the more expensive items. I had all my kitchen chairs with 1 Target tote on each. I simple wrote on computer paper $1 each or $2 each and taped it to my chair. That way it looks like you have a lot more than what you do. Also don't be afraid to put some of your kids' toys out front to make it seem like it is for sale that way you can get those on-lookers to actually stop in and see what you have!
6. Incentive & Freebies: When I posted my ad on Craigslist I advertised that the first 10 people could pick a goody from my Freebie bag. I had some nice things in there too:-) It was incentive to come in with no obligation to buy. It worked because the early birds (most anyway) said ''Hey was I one of the first 10?''
Another incentive I was doing was telling the people who were buying if they referred a friend or family member that person could pick from the freebie pile too! They wrote their names down and sure enough I got 6 new customers that way!

7. Make It Fun! This one is key, if you don't have fun you will be a grumpy-gills and not make as much $$! People won't buy from grumpy people. I try to have fun balloons blown up with string to give away to all the kids that come. I set up a little stand for my kids to sell soda for .25. Make it fun for your kids too, I let them keep the $ earned from all the soda sold so they could pick out a new toy...ah but that's not all hee hee, I made them pick out quit a few of their older toys they don't play with anymore to put in a FREE bag for all the kids to pick out. This pleased the mom's who in turn (I think) looked longer and bought a few more items:-0 It's a win-win for everyone.
Here is an example list you can go by when you are ready to have your sale. This is all the items and prices I sold this year. Oh yes 1 more thing. On my last day I slashed everything to HALF OFF of original prices. Again, I made a REALLY large sign I put in front of my house that ready Everything Half Off, that got a lot of people to come in and buy $20-$40 worth in one trip!

Windex $1.50
All 3x Laundry Detergent $3
Snuggle Fabric Softer $3
Pledge Cleaning Spray/Wipes $2
Hansen's Soda $2 for a 6 pack
Toothbrushes $1
Toothpaste $2
Floss $1.50
Men's Gillette Power Razors $4
Women's Venus/Gilette Razors $4
Disposable Razors $2.50
Shaving Cream $1.50
Deodorant $1.50
Dry Idea Deodorant $1
Vaseline Lotion Smaller Bottle$2
Vaseline Pump Lotion $3
Glade Sense-n-Spray $3
Glade Lasting Impressions $3
Glade Small Soy Candles $2.50
Febreze Plug In $4
Random Cereal $1.50
Sunsilk Stylers $1.50
Shampoo/Conditioner $2
Medicine $2
Sambucol $2 ( $1.01 MM @ Wags)
Johnson Baby Products $2.50
Bertolli Pasta Pouches $2
Safeway Pasta $1
Electrosol Dish Tabs $2
Bright Green Kleenex $1
Softsoap Body Wash $2.50
Nivea Body Wash $2.50
Random FAR Items I've collected $1-$2
Other Cleaning Supplies $1.50
Huggies Diapers $5

And again last day slashed everything that I had left to half off! I hope that this was helpful to everyone. Garage Sales should be simple and fun! The most fun I think is replenishing your stock!! Good luck to everyone and HAPPY SHOPPING:-)

**Have you had a garage sale yet? If so I would love to hear from you on how you did and any pointers you can offer fellow readers and myself!**

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fabulous Finds From Target *!*

You know I am thinking that Target is now replacing Walgreens for me! After all Walgreens took away the Easy Saver Catalog, the Mail-in-Rebates and probably yet to come the Register Rewards:-( Yikes...let's hope not.

So because of the lack of deals at Wags I've been focusing on the Great Deals @ Target! They let you ''stack'' the Mfq coupons with their coupons making overage and freebies:-) I know quit a few have reported that their Target did not allow them to stack the coupons but Target's Corporate Coupon Policy clearly states you can!!

**Edit** Sorry I thought I included the link to the coupon policy! OOps
Go Here to check it out. I would suggest printing it and taking it with you for everyone who has a bad time from the cashiers with this.

So here are the great freebies I'm going to purchase today:

Kraft Mayo: $1.99
Use $1 Mfq Coupon from Here
And the $1 Target coupon from Here

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Packs on clearance: $2.54
*I found these on the endcaps the deodorant and body mist comes in the package*
Use $2 IP coupon from Here
or $1.25 Mfq
And the $1 Target coupon Here
=FREE plus $.46 overage
OR $.29 ** Great item to stock-up for a garage sale**

Aveeno Baby Care Products $3.49
Use $2 Coupon from Here
=$1.49! Great deal

Crystal Light (3 pack) by the registers: $.99
Use $1/1 or the $2/2 from Here

Kashi Go-Lean Waffles $1.85
Use $1.50 IP from Here
or $1.50 from Vocalpoint (Home Mailer)
=$.35 !!

Coppertone Sun Care Products (Travel Size) $.99
Use $1 IP coupon Here
=Free! Plus $.01 overage

Renu Contact Solution (Trial Size) $.99
Use $1 IP Coupon Here
=Free ! Plus $.01 overage

Good luck and Happy Shopping!

**Thanks Hip2Save for some of the great deals!**

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Albertsons Double Deals Trip #1

With all the freebies this week I could'nt resist going to the store again! I went last night to use up the last of the doubles that expired and was happy to meet another blogger:-0
It was a pleasant surprise Libby!

Anyway with time to kill before I had to get my son from school I put a quick deal together

This is what I got:

Transaction #1
1 Box Honey Maid Graham Crackers
1 Package Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars (Must be milk chocolate)
1 Package Kraft Marshmellos
TOTAL: 6.99

-$3 Instant Savings WYB all 3
-$1 Graham Cracker IP
-$1 Mfq from RP WYB all 3 products
-$1 Albies Dbl
-$.99 Albies Dbl

Transaction #2
1 Box Ritz Crackers
2 Boxes Trisquit Crackers
1 Box Wheat Thins
TOTAL: $7.40

-$1 Ritz IP
-(2) $1 Trisquit IP
-FREE Wheat Thins WYB Ritz $1.47
-(3) $.47 Albies Dbl
OOP: $1.52

**I made sure to talk to the manager before I checked out to confirm the policy on coupon doubling. He said that they cannot double to give you overage but will mark the double down to the correct price to make the item free. For example the Nabisco crackers are $1.47, I used the $1 coupon, he can only double $.47 to make them free. I hope that makes sense!**

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walgreens $5 off $25 Is Back !!

Woo Hoo can I tell you how EXCITED Walgreens has finally released a $5/$25 in-store coupon!! I can finally buy some stuff I had been considering:-)
The coupon is good for 2 days only, tomorrow the 20th and Thursday the 21st.

**Remember to give the cashier this coupon first**
Get the coupon here
Check out the weekly deals here
Happy Shopping!
Thanks Hip2Save!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Albertsons Deals 5-20 to 5-26

** Prices are good Wednesday May 20th to Tuesday May 26th**

Sorry about the spacing!

Yea Albertsons has released another set of Doubles! Look for them in the Food Day. I'm giving up on todays transactions and focusing on Wednesday deals! There are some good ones I will list the good ones I see. Please leave a comment with any other good or freebies you spot!

Good Deals:
Nabisco Triscuit or Wheat Thins $1.47 (Limit 3)
-$1 IP from here
-$1 Dbl
= FREE plus $.53 Overage! You will need a small filler item they wont double if there is overage
Kraft Salad Dressing 2/$3
-(2) $1.50 Mfq
-(2) $1 Dbl
=FREE plus $2 Overage! Again you will need a filler
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce 10/$10
-$1 Mfq from SS insert
-$1 Dbl
=FREE Plus $1 Overage
Breyers 16 oz Ice Cream 10/$10
-$1 Mfq
-$1 Dbl
=FREE Plus $1 Overage
Skintimate or Edge Shave Cream 2/$3
-$.75 Mfq
-$.75 Dbl
Save $3 Instantly WYB 1 of each Honey maid Graham Crackers, Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmellows and Hershey's Chocolate 6 Pack
1 Graham Cracker $3
1 Hershey Chocolate Pack $3
1 Bag of Marshmellow $1
-$3 Instantly Off
-$1 Graham Cracker IP here
-$1 Mfq WYB all 3 from 5/17 SS Insert
-(2) $1 Dbls
OOP: FREE!! Invite some friends over and have a fun Smores Night:-0

Albertsons Double Deals!

** EDIT**
OK well I guess I was too excited about the doubles to look at the coupons I was useing...mostly IP's and they were all DO NOT DOUBLE!! AAARRRGGHHH My kids were SO well behaived too:-0 I had 4 transactions planned out and only got 1 even w/o doubles bc I needed those items...hhmmm back to the drawing board!

Yea another week with Albertsons double coupons!! Woo Hoo:-)

I'm putting the scenarios together now and plan to go early this am (kids allowing) and will come home and post my deals....should be some great LOW OOP

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday Morning!

Leave me a comment with your Albies Double Deals I always love fresh new ideas

Friday, May 15, 2009

Safeway & Albertson's Deals 5-13 to 5-19

OK so I have totally been slacking this week on the grocery deal posts...but there really is not anything to post about!

Thankfully my friends at Saving 4 My Family have posted what good deals there are.

So check out the Albertsons post here
And the Safeway post here

Have an amazing weekend! I will be enjoying the 80 degree weather with my wonderful friends and family.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walgreens Deals 5-10 to 5-16

Wowza I can't believe how the weekend went by so fast! I had such an amazing Mother's Day, starting it off with a women's retreat with my church, some much needed RR happened, followed up with the most wonderful day with my husband and kids, I am a VERY loved and spoiled Mom/wife:-) I hope all you mums out there had a SUPER day as well!

OK with that being said I have been slacking on my blog duties, the house work just wont go away!

So please head on over to Frugal Living NW she has some great Walgreens deals put together for you.

Hopefully tonight I will get the Safeway and Albertson's deals posted.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

$50 Kraft Coupons Ready to Print !!


The $50 of Kraft coupons are now available to print. So HURRY HURRY, go on over here you will have to sign in or register then it will redirect you to a page to print them.

I would print as many as you can before the limit is reached, there are some great coupons to be had!!

Please let me know if you have a problem with the link

Good luck and happy shopping!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

DEAD DEAL: $1 Coca Cola Printable !!

***EDITED Just tried to print another one and looks like the deal is dead, the printed limit has been reached. I hope everyone got a chance to get one!

Wow what a fabulous coupon, get a $1 off any 12 pack of Coca Cola products!! If only these were here during the LW promo.

I printed some this morning which meens it's still working...HURRY and print yours before they pull it or the print limit is reached. It seems to be no limit Good Luck!

Go HERE for the coupon

Thanks Hip 2 Save!

Fabulous Freebies @ Target !!

I just love the great deals at Target this week! I definetly stocked up on the Hershey Bliss chocolate and Chex Mix. My daughter was with me and was very pleased when I grabbed about 6 of them, especially the chocolate:-)

Here are the great finds:

Hershey Bliss Choclate Bars $.99 ( By the checkout stands )
-$1 Hershey Bliss Target Printable
=FREE plus $.01 Overage

Chex Mix Snack Mix 3.75 oz $1 (By the checkout stands)
-$1 Chex Mix Target Printable
=FREE plus $.01 Overage

Banana Boat Sunscreen Travel Size $.99
-$1 Mfq from 5/3 SS (Does not exclude travel size)
=FREE plus $.01 Overage

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers $1.02
-$1 Nabisco Target Coupon
=$.02 almost free!

My chashier gave me the overage so you might want to grab a small filler in the clearance isle to make your OOP be as close to ZERO as possible.
My filler were some great Huggies Pull-ups on clearance for $8.74 - the $3 mfq it was a great deal!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FREE 2 Piece KFC Grilled Chicken Meal!!

Yea for FREE food!!

**EDIT**Looks like KFC is no longer accepting this free coupon. So sad I guess they did not anticipate such a response. So for those of you who got the free meal, YEA as for me I did not but don't feel sad it was pretty unhealthy:-)

***EDITED*** If you missed out on these other coupons click here for another PDF version of the coupon, but please remember not to abuse the coupon and print TONS of them! That is not the intended purpose, print enough for your family and save some for others:-)
These will only be available to print until tomorrow, May 6th so print some now!

KFC is offering a FREE 2 piece meal courtesy of Oprah Winfrey, click here for coupon. Remember to hit your browser back button to print 2 of them.

But get's even better...head on over here to print another 2 coupons, remember to hit your browser back button!

So you can feed a family of 4 with these WOO HOO!. Not valid on Mother's Day and expire 5/19/09

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Awesome Garage Sale of Stock Pile Only!

Well I decided last minute on Wednesday night to have a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. The weather was supposed to be great for Friday and questionable for I decided to go for it! I got the bright green and pink poster board, made and hung my signs and posted on Craigslist about it.

I have to admit the main reason for my last minute garage make more room in my garage for all the Safeway Living Well stuff I was buying! Sad I know...but I am SO happy I did.
OK so I again forgot to take before/after pics ARRRHHHGGG oh well. I will list what I sold and prices

Windex $1.50
All 3x Laundry Detergent (from the Albertsons deal not so long ago) $3
Snuggle Fabric Softer $3
Pledge Cleaning Spray/Wipes $2 (Sfwy Cat Deal)
Hansen's Soda $2 for a 6 pack
Toothbrushes $1
Toothpaste $2
Floss $1.50
Men's Power Razors $4
Women's Venus/Gilette Razors $4
Disposable Razors $2.50
Shaving Cream $1.50
Deodarant $1.50
Dry Idea (FREE at Target w/$2IP ) $1
Vaseline Lotion $2 (Walgreens CHEAP RR deal)
Glade Sense-n-Spray $3
Glade Lasting Impressions $3
Glade Small Candles $2.50 (MM @ Target w/GC)
Febreze Plug In $4
Random Cereal $1.50
Sunsilk Stylers (Walgreens Clearance & RR deal) $1.50
Shampoo/Conditioner $2
Medicine $2
Sambucol $2 ( $1.01 MM @ Wags)
Johnson Baby Products $2.50
Bertolli Pasta Pouches (Sfwy Cat/LW Deal) $2
Safeway Pasta $1 (Got them free WYB Classico sauce )
Electrosol Dish Tabs $2
Bright Green Kleenex (LW Promo) $1
Softsoap Body Wash (MM @ Walgreens with RR) $2.50
Nivea Body Wash (Wags again) $2.50
Random FAR Items I've collected $1-$2
Other Cleaning Supplies $1.50
Huggies Diapers (Walgreens Huggies deal) $5

OK...I think that is all and I had HUGE quantity of most everything. I still have 15 bottles of Windex and 14 boxes of Electrosol that didn't sell! I opened at 9am on Friday and closed at 4pm. Saturday was raining but opened at 9:30am anyway and closed at 1pm...Saturday was half price everything just to get it out!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........My 1 and 1/2 day total was $571!!!!! I could not believe it and counted several times to make sure. That is such A HUGE blessing from the Lord bc we needed about $500 to fix our car woot woot:-) So I am SO PLEASED with my last minute sale and can't wait to have another one at the end of summer.

So have you sold your stockpile? How did you do? Do you feel a little panicked bc you are all out of everything? Sadly looking at the garage now I'm thinking ''I need to get back to work on my good deals!''

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday Coupon Inserts 5~3

Looks like there will be 3 inserts tomorrow. 1 Proctor & Gamble (PG) 1 Smart Source (SS) and 1 Red Plum (RP). You can pick up the Sunday paper today at your local Grocery or Drug Store.

Thanks to the Coupon Clippers for the preview, you can check out the coupons here
****Stay tuned tomorrow for my post about my last minute Garage Sale of ALL Stock Pile****