Friday, August 14, 2009

Safeway: Betty Crocker Fruit Snack MM

Safeway is currently running an in-ad special this week for lot's of great products, one being Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks.

Buy any BC fruit Snack between 8-14 and 9-6
Buy 3 & get $1.50
Buy 4 & get $2.50
Buy 5 or more & get $3.50

Here is what the deal looks like:

Buy 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $8
-$4 In-Ad Safeway Coupon
-$.40 ECoupon
-(4) $.40 IP
-(4) $.40 Dbls
OOP $.40 and you will receive a $2.50 CAT good for your next purchase

Transaction #2
4 BC Fruit Snacks $8
-$4 In-Ad Coupon
-(2) $.50/2 IP
-(2) $.50 Dbl
-$2.50 CAT
OOP: FREE plus $.50 Overage and you will get a $2.50 CAT
** I would suggest buying a small $1 filler item, Safeway will not give you overage**

Check out Frugal Living on how to get Nature Valley Granola Bars for NEARLY FREE!!

Sunday Coupon Inserts for 8/16

There will be 2 inserts in Sunday's Oregonian.

1 Smart Source (SS) and 1 Red Plum (RP)

As always, thanks to The Coupon Clippers for the sneak peak:-0 You can check their site out on the left side of my blog.

You can check out the coupons HERE

Have a SUPER weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Albertsons Double Kraft Catalina Promo *!*

I was at Albies today to do a Kraft FREE food promo. I had bought 10 of the Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups as part of the promo. They are 10/$10.....

I used (5) $1/2 Blinkies from a while back, I hear there are still BOGO's floating out there.

Sad to say I used all my coupons and at checkout received a Cat notice stating :

Starting tomorrow 8/14-9/7 Buy 2 or more Velveeta Cups you get a $1 ONYO !!

So if I would've waited until tomorrow I would have got the $5 Kraft Cat, plus (5) $1 Velveeta Cats plus the $20 Rebate!

This could be a big MM if you have the coupons!!

Good Luck, let me know how you do:-0

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Albertsons Deals for 8-12 to 8-18

I am sure everyone has heard of the great Kraft promo running at Albies this to not be redundant and save me some time I will leave the links to other great bloggers who have these deals/scenarios posted already!

In case you haven't heard:

Kraft Rebate Promo: Spend $25 or more on participating Kraft products, get the following:
1. $5 Catalina (coupon good for your next transaction)

2. $20 mail-in-rebate (your rebate form will print along with your cat at the register)
Limit one rebate per address/household.
Allow 6-8 weeks for your rebate check.

So check out these deals

Fabulessly Frugal

Frugal Living

Remember a while back when all the wonderful Kraft printable's were available? Well thankfully I saved my Starbucks $1 coupons that expires 8/31!!

Here is what my scenario will look like:

4 Bags Starbucks Coffee $27.96
-(4) $1 IP ( I had printed a few off of my neighbors computer)
-$5 Cat from previous promo
OOP: $18.96 and I will receive a $5 Cat and a $20 Rebate Coupon

Now I may decide to wait until Sunday to see if there will be doubles. Plus I still have $20 in Cats from the previous promo. I don't think I want to use all of them for just the coffee, we will see.

**Happy shopping! Have a great week, leave a comment with the great scenario you came up with**

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buying Clearance Meat

I was at Albertsons today to stock up on some Lipton Tea, apart of the Buy $30 get $15 promo, and get some produce and meat.

Well they had a great selection of clearance meat to choose from! Ending today they have Jennio-O Turkey products on BOGO

I found 4 Jennio-O Italian Turkey Brats with $2 clearance sticker on each package*!*
They were $4.99 each after bogo and clearance stickers I paid $1.98 for 4 packages!!
I stuck them in my freezer for later. I will use them to make spaghetti and lasagna and use them to flavor up some dull scrambled eggs:-)

I also found Wild Harvest Organic Lamb Chops and Shanks on clearance. Ranging between $.23 for a package to $1.53 Yes most of these will go to feed my dog ( he is on a raw natural diet ) but some of the good big ones will be for us.

These are some great finds to stock up on while you can. The sale by date was tomorrow and freeze well.

My total OOP for 7 packages of Lamb Chops and
4 packages of Jenni-O Turkey Brats was $8.39!

**Just another great way to stretch your buck **

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sunday Coupon Inserts for 8-9

There will be 3 coupon inserts in tomorrows paper. Two Smart Source (SS) and 1 Red Plum (RP)

You can pick up the Sunday paper today at your local grocery or drug store.

Check out the coupons here

**Thanks to The Coupon Clippers for getting us the sneak peaks**

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Albertsons Round #3 Skippy P.B. & Dove Deodorant

Woo Hoo is all I have to say! I'm so glad when I have some great deals planned out and they work and are in stock!!

Frugal Living posted about $2 Dove Ultimate Go Fresh coupons to go with the Buy $30/ Get $15 promo at she also mentioned that the Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Cats are still printing....well I went this morning with coupons in hand ready to shop!!

**The Skippy Peanut Butter Cats are still printing and I bought 3 different kinds of deodorant and had no problem with them counting towards the promo**

This is what I bought:

Transaction #1
8 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter $16
4 2pk Dove Soap $10
2 Honey Nut Cheerios $4

-(4) $1/2 Skippy Mfq from RP insert
-(4) $1/1 Dove Mfq from RP insert
-(2) $1 IP for Cheerios
-$2 Dbl
-$15 in Cats
OOP: $3 and received (3) $5 CATS and (4) $1 CATS for the Peanut Butter !! Making this transaction a $16 MONEY MAKER!!

Transaction #2
6 Go-Fresh Dove Deodorant $15 ( I had to use 3 computers )
I bought the Burst, Cool Essentials and Energizing all worked towards the $30
2 Yo-Plus Yogurt $5
2 Kix Cereal $4
2 Fiber One Granola Bars $5
1 Lipton Rice Side $1

-(6) $2 Dove IP
-(2) $1 Yoplait IP
-(2) $.75 Kix IP
-(2) $.40 Fiber One IP
-$2 Dbl
-(2) $5 Cats
-(2) $1 Cats
OOP: FREE Plus $.30 PAID TO ME! And I received another $15 in CATS !! Woo Hoo Love it:-)

OK I think I am finally done with Albertsons this week! I have done...hhhmmm...7 transactions now. I still have $22 in CATS to spend...I might save those for some good meat or fruits and veggies.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Albertsons Round # 2 & 3

Ah it was so hard to say NO and not go to Albies I caved in and went! I went to a different Albertsons than yesterday. I went to the 152nd & Sunnyside and they were well stocked on everything.

8 All Laundry Detergent $28
3 Lipton/Knorr Rice Sides $3

-(8) $1 All Mfq
-$1/3 Lipton Mfq
-$2 Dbl
-$15 in CATS
OOP: $5 and received another $15 in Cats
**That makes the cost of the All an average of $.63 a bottle, I plan on selling them in my garage sale for $3 a bottle a profit of $2.37 per bottle**

Transaction #2 ( I had to hit up my neighbor & sister for some coupons! )
6 Nature Valley Nut Clusters $15
6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $12
2 Fiber One Granola Bars $5

-(6) $1 Nature Valley IP
-(6) $.40 Betty Crocker IP
-(2) $.40 Fiber One IP
-$2 Dbl
-$15 in CATS
OOP: $5.80 and got another $15 in CATS

I have a few other deals planned out for later. I will post the Skippy Peanut Butter one bc I think there is an overlapping Catalina Deal. You can check that post out @ Frugal Living

8 Skippy Natural P.B. $16
4 Dove 2pk Bar Soap $10
2 Honeynut Cheerios $4

-(4) $1/2 Mfq from RP insert
-(4) $1 Dove Mfq from RP insert
-(2) $1 H.N C. IP
-$2 Dbl
-$15 in CATS
OOP: 3 and get $15 in Promo Cats and (4) $1 Peanut Butter Cats a profit of $16 !!!

**I will be trying this scenario tomorrow to see if the peanut butter cats are still working**

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Albertsons Round #1

Woo Hoo I miss good deals!! My husband got home from work and I ran out the door to Albies, leaving the kids behind:-0

I did 3 transactions ( they were not too busy) and each time I had no problem with my CATS printing.

I did ( my previous post) Transaction #1, 2 (modified) and 3

My third transaction had my OOP being ZERO, FREE and it was and I still got my CATS! I'm excited to put some more deals together:-)

Good luck happy shopping, let me know what great deals you were able to find!

Albertsons Catalina Scenarios 8-04

WOW it has been a long time for me blogging! I have really enjoyed the summer off with my kids. In case you all were wondering where I have been, first of all my NICE FAST computer is broke, second I have really felt led by the Lord to spend more time with my kids and less time blogging:-0

BUT all you know Albertsons is have a SUPER sale this week, buy $30 get $15 woo hoo! I have put together a couple scenarios I wanted to share. I love reading other peoples deals and scenarios for inspiration*!*

*** I am only buying what my family needs, I do not have anymore STOCKPILE storage***

Transaction #1
6 Nature Valley Nut Clusters $15
-(6) $1 IP you will need more than 1 computer
3 Suave Kids Shampoo $5
-$1/2 mfq from RP insert
6 Ragu Pasta Sauce $10
-(3) $1/2 mfq from RP insert
TOTAL: $30
-$10 Mfq
-$5 Albies Dbl
OOP $15 and get $15 Cat

Transaction #2
6 Bisquicks $9
-(6) $.60 IP you will need more than 1 computer
2 Kix Cereal $4
-(2) $.75 IP
3 Chex Mix Snacks $5
-(3) $.50 IP
5 Fiber One Granola Bars $12.50
-(3) $.55 Mfq
-(2) $.40 IP
TOTAL: $30.50
-$17.75 Mfq
-$2 Dbl
-$15 CAT
OOP $4.75 and you get another $15 CAT

Transaction #3
4 Vaseline Lotions $10
-(4) $1.25 Mfq from RP insert
4 Vaseline Mens Lotion $10
-(4) $1.25 Mfq from RP insert
6 Suave Kids Shampoo $10
-(3) $1/2 Mfq from RP insert
TOTAL: $30
-$13 Mfq
-$2 Dbl
-$15 CAT
OOP: FREE plus $15 CAT

Transaction #4
4 All Laundry Soap $14
-(4) $1 Mfq from RP insert
4 Yo-Plus Yogurt $10
-(4) $1 IP
6 Lipton Pasta/Rice Sides $6
-(2) $1/3 Mfq from RP insert
TOTAL: $30
-$10 Mfq
-$2 Dbl
-$15 CAT
OOP: $3 and get a $15 Cat!

**Good luck and happy shopping! Remember to try to only buy what your family needs and not just shop for a low OOP**