Monday, November 17, 2008


Search & Win

Thanks to moneysavingmom for this post! I checked it out and signed up with Swagbucks. It was nice not having to give my address or personal information. It seems a lot like Ebates, which I have received LOTS of Target cards for! You can download their toolbar for quick and easy searching instead of using Google. So good luck and happy searching at the Swagbucks!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My SUPER Rite Aid Trip

Well I saw on HCW last week that Rite Aid was having a great P&G deal. You spend $25 in participating products you get a $10 rite aid gc by mail. SO I thought what a great way to FINALLY use up all my Febreze Coupons!! Only after the fact when I got home to look through more did I realize they were expired as of 10-31~! OOPS, but it still took it and no beeping, so my lucky gain. Therefore I would not suggest doing this scenerio since they are expired! But if your feeling lucky go is what I got

4 Febreze Plug-ins
1 Febreze Air Affects
1 Febreze Candle

4, $5 Plug-in MQ
1, BOGO MQ for free Air Affects with purchase of candle
1, $1 MQ Air Affects
1, $1 MQ Candle


Will get $10 gc
SCR $2.00

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Albertsons 11-11-08

Finally went to Albertsons today! I was waiting bc my sister wanted to come with me so I could show her ''the ropes'' on couponing:-) Thankfully Bob was there, he is always so patient with my abundant supply of coupons! I had to stock up on some meat as well as the promo items here is what I got

1 Idahoan Istant Potatoe
2 Arm & Hamor Baking Soda
4 Boxes Green Giant Veggies (promo)
5 Cans Diced Tomatoe
3 Lipton Rice Sides (promo)
3 Progresso Chix Broth (promo)
1 Frenchs' Fried Onion
3 Vaseline Lotion ( promo)
8 Dove Deodarant ( promo)
10 Pounds Chicken Tenders
1 pound Broccoli
3 pounds Bananas
1 head romaine lettuce
10 Pounds Potatoes
1 8oz Container Mushrooms
3 pounds yellow onions

Total before MQ $93.94
MQ $57.30
Safeway $10 Catalina

OOP $26.64
PLUS $15 Catalina off next purchase

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Safeway Deals for 11-5 to 11-11

I think I might stop by Safeway too this week, some good deals on much needed baking items!

2 Gold Medal Flour 2/$3
( 2, $1.00 IP)

2 Bisquick 2/$5
( 2, $.75 IP, 2, $.60 MQ)

2 C&H Brown Sugar 2/$3
(2, $.35 MQ)

2 BC Muffin mix 2/$4
(2, $.45 IP)

2 Nestle Tollhouse Chips 2/$5
(2, $.50MQ)

Total $20.00
MQ (w/ sfwy do) $9.30

OOP $10.70
With a $5.00 Catalina off next purchase!

Albertson's Scenerios for 11-5 to 11-11

OK I went over the ad and this is what I could come up with, with the MQ I had.
Now I'm not sure if the items advertised on special ie..10/$10 you need to purchase 10 bc I have a scenerio w/o that option....


3 Lipton Rice or Pasta Side ( 3 ,$.60 IP, 1 $.75/2 MQ)
4 Green Giant Box Veggie ( 2, $1.00/2 IP)

4 Progresso Chix Broth (4, $1.00 MQ)

8 Dove Deodorant (8, $2.00 IP...somehow I have 8?) Glad to get rid of them!
3 Vaseline Lotion (3, $1.25 MQ)

Total $41.16
MQ (w/ sfwy do) $30.30

Average cost per item $.49
With a $15 Catalina for next purchase!

Quick Trip to Albertsons

I stopped in Albies today to use my 10% off coupon from Sfwy and stock up on the Libbeys canned veggies heres what I got:

3 Loaves of Milk & Honey Bread
2 Gallons Breyers Ice Cream
1/2 Gallon Milk
2 Lbs Butter
10 Cans Green Beans
10 Cans Corn
2 Aquafresh Toothpastes
2 Boxes Total Cereal
1 Box Kix Cereal

OOP $19.43

Sadly I did not have a Sfwy DU with me:-(
Used 10% Sfwy Q
Freddy's 3/$5 Cereal & Bread Q
Freddy's .99 T.P. Q
Freddy's 2/$5 Breyers Q
Freddy's $.99 Milk Q
(2)$.75 IP Total Cereal
(1) $1.00 MQ GM Q
(2) $.50 MQ Breyers
(2) $1.00 IP Aquafresh

All in All I'm glad I got stocked up on Canned Veggies for the winter!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Super Walgreens Deals November 2-8

Here are some great deals I completed this week, I had to use up some RR's it's always nice to have that overage!

Schick Quattro Disposable Razor--on sale $5.99 each
Buy 2 and use 1 $2/1 manufacturer's coupon from 10/5 inserts
Use 1 B1G1 manufacturer's coupon from 10/19 inserts
Stack with $3/1 Walgreens coupon in November EasySaver catalog (should take off $6)
Get both free plus $2.01 in overage after coupons

Celestial Seasonings Tea 20ct box--on sale 2/$3
Use 2 $1/1 manufacturer coupon from 10/5 inserts
Stack with $1/2 Walgreens coupon in November EasySaver catalog
Get both free after coupons

Wrigley's Gum--on sale B1G1
Buy 2 and use B1G1 coupon from 10/5 inserts
Get both free after coupons

Glade Wisp Candle--on sale $5.99 each
Use $3/1 manufacturer coupon from 11/2 inserts
Submit for EasySaver November rebate #36--Limit 1
$0.99 after coupon and rebate