Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gaunt Family Cruise

Well we made it there and back in one peice! It was such an amazing trip,even with all 25 of us! Our grandparents decided to take us all on a cruise to the Bahamas! What a blessing it was.

The kids really enjoyed swimming in the ocean.

Ben found a really neat looking octapus, crab & some pretty fish!

Ben & I did enjoy some alone time without the kiddies too!

With all that family we had lots of babysitters

I must say my Ella Grace did a lot of growing on the trip too. She is talking complete sentences, very clear and grown up! She actually obeyed the whole trip:-) That was a HUGE plus. It was a bonus her big brother helped out so much too. Always mommy's little helper!

At the end of the trip we were ready to come home!

There really is no place like home:-)

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Saving 4 My Family said...

Great pic's heather!! I love the one of the kids burrying Ben in the sand.