Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just too Good not to Post!

Ok I went to Albertsons today and did the best to-date!

I used WAY too many coupons to list them all so I will give you the gist of it all.
I did 2 sepereate transactions (was supposed to be 3 but she accidently combined it)

I used 3 Safeway Double UP coupons, 3 Fred Meyer $4/4 GM products, 2 Haggen Coupons for Organic Eggs, 2 Haggen Coupons for Cannon Beach Milk & Honey Bread, 2 Haggen Coupons for Thomas Bagels or English Muffins plus a gazillion MQ & IP

Transaction #1
2 Thomas Bagels
2 Loaves Franz Milk & Honey Bread
1 dozen Horizon Organic Brown Eggs
3 cans Progresso Soup
3 Bags Chex Mix
3 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
3 Boxes Fiber One Granola Bars
2 Boxes Chex Mix G.B.
4 Boxes Cheerios
2 Boxes Reeses Puff Cereal
OOP $5.53~!~ Total Savings with club card $99.56

Transaction #2
2 Loaves Franz Milk & Honey Bread
1 Loaf of Franz San Juan Bread
2 Thomas English Muffins
1 dozen Horizon Organic Eggs
1 LB Seattles Best Coffee
2 containers Progresso Bread Crumbs
6 cans Old El Paso Refried Beans
2 boxes Bisquick
OOP $18.42 Total Savings $49.56