Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FREE Redbox Rental WYB Endangered Species Chocolate *!*

**EDIT** I guess you have to buy the Chocolate at a Walgreens that has the Redbox Kiosk at the store. Hopefully that will work for someone, I havent seen one in Portland**
Well thanks to one of my readers for the heads-up about this great deal!!

**Walgreen's is running a deal June 1st through July 31st: When you buy any 3 0z Endangered Species Chocolate Bar you get a FREE 1 night rental @ Redbox**

Checkout the details HERE

Thanks again Monica Eve!!


Monica Eve said...

Please note that the yummy chocolate must be purchased at a Walgreens that has an on-site Redbox movie kiosk.

Heather said...

Monica Eve,

I was reading the fine print and did not see where it said you had to buy them at a Walgreens that has a Redbox kiosk?? I'm thinking it can be any Redbox. Can you please help me out on that!