Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 Overlapping CATALINA Deals @ Albertsons!!

Thanks to Joelle for the heads up on this! She lives in Washington so I'm sure the deals will work here as well.
Here are the 3 overlapping deals:
First one is the current weeks, buy 10 get $1o, Second is the Betty Crocker buy 5 get $3.50 and the 3rd (thanks to Joelle) is the Nature Valley buy 5 get $3.50, same as BC. I asked her for some of her transactions to give you an idea of how to get all 3 at once!

Transaction 1
6 Progresso soups
-(4) $1.10 IP HERE (You will need 2 computers to print 4)
-(1)$1.00/2 Mfr
4 Grand Biscuits
-(1)$1.00/1 from BC home mailer
-(1)$.50/2 Mfr from SS
-(1)$.30/1 Mfr
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
Total OOP: $4.80
Get $10 CAT making it a profit of $5.20!

Transaction 2:
5 Betty Crocker fruit snacks
-$1.25/5 cat from previous Albies trip
-(5) $.50/2 Mfr from 2/8 insert
5 Nature Valley Granola Bars
-(5) $.50/1 Mfr
-(5) $.60 IP HERE
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
-$10 CAT from previous Trans
Total OOP: $8.39

Get $10 CAT &
Get $3.50 BC Catalina &
Get $3.50 NV Calalina
**HUGE** Money Maker! $8.61

Thanks again Joelle!


joelle said...

Your so lucky for Doubles!! :-) Is your Albertsons still taking Comp Coupons?

Heather said...

Yes I am lucky for Doubles!!! And yes Albies takes up-to 10 competitor coupons, so it's nice to beable to go to one store for it all:-) I went today and did the 3 CAT deals, worked perfect, thanks again!

joelle said...

Washington Albertsons took competitor coupons up until 1/31/09
It's a bummer they don't anymore as now I do have to run all over getting the deals. I think was silly of them to stop it - I don't go to Albertsons nearly as often now - before it was pretty much the only grocery store I shopped at. It seems like they would be loosing some business! (Of course the way I shop maybe not! :-) But really - there aren't that many people who shop like us and fully stick with it! We are not the norm thats for sure!