Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crest Pro Health Money Maker @ Safeway!

I was at Safeway today and noticed they had Crest Pro Health onsale for $2.49 You can sign up here at P&G Esaver to have coupons loaded directly to your club card! One of those coupons is a $1.50 off Crest Pro Health, you can only use this coupon 1 time.

It will look like this:

Buy 1 Crest Pro Health for $2.49

-$1.50 instant saving with club card
-$1.50 mfr
-$.50 Sfwy Dbl
OOP $ FREE plus $1.01 Overage!


Saving 4 My Family said...

Hey Girl, Ryan is on his way to get my Free Toothpaste with overage.


Heather said...

Awesome! I like putting the hubbies to work that way:-) Although Ben would be like ''what's crest prohealth?'' Do I find that in the magazine isle...

Saving 4 My Family said...

girl it didn't work, oh well...the ecoupons have worked in the past. at least it was only $.49. I can sell it at my garage sale.

Heather said...

Oh Lamos! It was the very first ecoupon I redeemed so far. Yes you can sell it at the garage sale, for like $3 I'm sure!