Friday, March 20, 2009

Walgreens Trip #2 3/20

Today I had to fill a prescription for my daughter (sadly she has a urinary tract infection!) so I though what a perfect time to do another ''deal''

This is what I got while waiting on my prescription....and yes I always have my coupon book with me!
(2) 6 ct Charmin Extra Soft TP
(4) 6 ct Glucerna Chocolate Shakes
(1) Speed Stick Men's Deodarant
(2) Glade Sense-n-Spray
TOTAL: $72.51

-$3.60 Wags in ad Charmin Coupon
-(2) $.25 Charmin Mfr
-(4) $10 Glucerna IP
-Bogo Glade IP
-$8 ESC for Glade
-$10 RR from Dove deal
Savings of: 99%
Received $7 RR for Glucerna and $1 RR for Speed Stick Deodarant!

I love great last minute deals!!

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