Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walgreens & Safeway Trip 3/16

Well after several failed and frustrated trips to Walgreens last week to try to spend my Huggies RR I sucked it up again and went last night, one more time, to try and do the scenario I wanted. Can I say YEAH I finally had victory:-)

This is what I got:
4 Glucerna Cereal
8 Dove Deoderant
1 Speed Stick Deodarant
2 Closys Kits (On clearance $1.59)
$35 Lowes Gift Card
3 Packs Gum (filler)
1 Cod Liver Oil (for my dog)

-(2) $10 Glucerna IP
-(2) $1.50 Wags Dove Printout
-(3) $1.50/2 Dove Mfr
-(2) $2 Closys IP
-(4) $10 RR from Huggies Deal

OOP: $22.84
Saved: $86.77
Received: $10 RR for Dove (don't know why I got more than an $8 RR?)
$7 RR for Glucerna and $1 RR for Speed Stick

Since I was out and about without kids I decided to hit up Safeway too. After all it has been several weeks since I've been to the grocery store!

This is what I got at Safeway:
(2) Good Earth Organic Coffee
(5) Tree Top Apple Juice
(1) 20 oz Diet Dr Pepper
(4) Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse
(2 ) Gain 50 oz Laundry Detergent
(1 )12 ct Charmin TP
18 ct Eggs
1 Peter Pan PB
Package of Chicken Parts (for my dog)
(2) 2lb Butter
1 Tub Cream Cheese
(2) GoGurts
(2) Yo-Plus Yogurts
(2) Febreze Air Effects
(2) Glade Candle Holder
(2) Glade Sense-n-Spray
(1) Tub Shredded Parm Cheese
TOTAL:$163.74 (Before Club card & Coups)

-$1.50/2 Safeway Good Earth Printout
-(2) $1/2 Tree Top IP
-$5 Instant Savings for Tree Top Juice (buy 5 save $5)
-FREE Soda Mfr (mail in)
-(4) FREE Cascade Clear Rinse (Homemade Simple Mailer)
-$1/2 Gain eSaver Coupon
-(2) $1 Gain Mfr
-$.25 eSaver Mfr Charmin
-$1 Charmin Mfr
-$2.52 Safeway Coupon for Eggs
-$1.50 Safeway Coupon for Peanut Butter
-$.50 Peter Pan PB IP
-$1/2 GoGurt IP
-(2) $1.50 Yo-Plus IP
-$1 eSaver Febreze Coupon
-(2) $1 Febreze Mfr
-(2) $2 Glade Candle from previous product
-BOGO Glade Mfr (Profit of $1.50 for 2)
-(2) $4 Mfr Sense-n-Spray
-BOGO Sense-n-Spray IP (Profit of $2.01)
-$2 Sfwy Dbl

Saved: $129.43
Received: $6 Catalina for buying 2 Gain & 1 Charmin TP


Saving 4 My Family said...

Great shopping trip Heather! I need to get to Wags this week and use up those RR's too.


Heather said...

Thanks Chris,
Maybe you can get some Wag's diapers with the RR's along with FAR items, nothing too hot going on there, some good clearance items for the garage sale maybe...let me know what you end up getting:-)