Thursday, August 6, 2009

Albertsons Round #3 Skippy P.B. & Dove Deodorant

Woo Hoo is all I have to say! I'm so glad when I have some great deals planned out and they work and are in stock!!

Frugal Living posted about $2 Dove Ultimate Go Fresh coupons to go with the Buy $30/ Get $15 promo at she also mentioned that the Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Cats are still printing....well I went this morning with coupons in hand ready to shop!!

**The Skippy Peanut Butter Cats are still printing and I bought 3 different kinds of deodorant and had no problem with them counting towards the promo**

This is what I bought:

Transaction #1
8 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter $16
4 2pk Dove Soap $10
2 Honey Nut Cheerios $4

-(4) $1/2 Skippy Mfq from RP insert
-(4) $1/1 Dove Mfq from RP insert
-(2) $1 IP for Cheerios
-$2 Dbl
-$15 in Cats
OOP: $3 and received (3) $5 CATS and (4) $1 CATS for the Peanut Butter !! Making this transaction a $16 MONEY MAKER!!

Transaction #2
6 Go-Fresh Dove Deodorant $15 ( I had to use 3 computers )
I bought the Burst, Cool Essentials and Energizing all worked towards the $30
2 Yo-Plus Yogurt $5
2 Kix Cereal $4
2 Fiber One Granola Bars $5
1 Lipton Rice Side $1

-(6) $2 Dove IP
-(2) $1 Yoplait IP
-(2) $.75 Kix IP
-(2) $.40 Fiber One IP
-$2 Dbl
-(2) $5 Cats
-(2) $1 Cats
OOP: FREE Plus $.30 PAID TO ME! And I received another $15 in CATS !! Woo Hoo Love it:-)

OK I think I am finally done with Albertsons this week! I have done...hhhmmm...7 transactions now. I still have $22 in CATS to spend...I might save those for some good meat or fruits and veggies.


Unknown said...

The clear Scotch packing tape is on sale for $1 at Albies as well. I used the .50 coupon that was in the paper recently (can't remember which one, sorry) and doubled it for free packaging tape!

I also printed off the Bic stationary coupon on and Albies has Bic pens on sale 2/$1. Use the $1 Bic mfc and no doubles are needed = free!

I had to buy some lunch meat today and Starbucks coffee, so I went ahead and did the $25 in free groceries deal posted on and it worked just fine here in Oregon. I bought 3 packages of Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat, 1 package of decaf house Starbucks and 1 box of Capri Suns and the $5 catalina to use on your next order printed as well as the $20 mail in rebate! I was also able to used my catalina from the $15 off $30 promotion to pay!

Heather said...


WTG! I forgot about the FREE groceries from Kraft, thanks for reminding me. I did see the tape and Bic pens at Albies. I don't have any tape coupons, but hey you can't beat a buck! I did stock up on the pens though, can't pass up FREE stuff!
Thanks for the heads up:-)