Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buying Clearance Meat

I was at Albertsons today to stock up on some Lipton Tea, apart of the Buy $30 get $15 promo, and get some produce and meat.

Well they had a great selection of clearance meat to choose from! Ending today they have Jennio-O Turkey products on BOGO

I found 4 Jennio-O Italian Turkey Brats with $2 clearance sticker on each package*!*
They were $4.99 each after bogo and clearance stickers I paid $1.98 for 4 packages!!
I stuck them in my freezer for later. I will use them to make spaghetti and lasagna and use them to flavor up some dull scrambled eggs:-)

I also found Wild Harvest Organic Lamb Chops and Shanks on clearance. Ranging between $.23 for a package to $1.53 Yes most of these will go to feed my dog ( he is on a raw natural diet ) but some of the good big ones will be for us.

These are some great finds to stock up on while you can. The sale by date was tomorrow and freeze well.

My total OOP for 7 packages of Lamb Chops and
4 packages of Jenni-O Turkey Brats was $8.39!

**Just another great way to stretch your buck **


Amy said...

Quick question...I have seen people with carts full of cheap meat, with the clearance stickers and they are getting a great deal! Are these items spread around the meat department? Or is there usually a clearance meat section? I have looked and never seem to find the really good deals. Any tips?

Heather said...


I have found that the clearance meat is located at one end of the meat case. At the Milwaukie Marketplace Albertsons the clearance section is at the end by the produce area. The timing is hit and miss really. You can ask the meat dept. when they put their clearance meat out. Also if the meat looks so/so you can ask them to mark it down even more, I have asked and everytime they have marked it down to atleast 50% off!

Good luck, hope that helps

Amy said...

Wow, thanks for the tip. I'll just keep my eyes open and hopefully I will find a deal one of these days!!