Thursday, April 9, 2009

GDA @ Albertsons for Snuggle & All 3x

So I have been off the blogs all week this week, just relaxing and enjoying my children:-0 But this is too good of a deal not to tell you about!

This week Albertson's is running a promo where you buy $25 worth of products you get $10 INSTANTLY off towards meat. Well in the past I have done a deal like this where I did not buy meat, but the $10 still came off!

Here is the good deal:
***EDITED*** I just got back from the store and the $10 came off instantly w/o buying meat! I used 4, $2 All coupons and 4, $2 Snuggle coupons, plus a $5 Catalina from the Post deal.
My out of pocket (OOP) was $.92 for all 8! Again you will need 2 computers to print 4 of each. Good luck!

Buy ( you will need 2 computers )
(4) All 3x Laundry Detergent $3.99 each
(4)Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softer $3.99 each

Total: $31.92

-$10 Instant Savings with Club Card
-(4) $2 Snuggle IP HERE
-(4) $2 All IP hopefully you printed it on Sunday! One day only print
OR -(4) $1 All IP HERE
-$5 Post Cereal Catalina

OOP $.92!
$5.92 w/0 Cat

**EDITED** Here is a different scenario
4 Snuggle Fabric Softner
3 All 3x Detergent
TOTAL: $27.93

-$10 Instantly
-(4) $2 Snuggle IP
-(3) $1 All IP
OOP: $5.93, only $.84 each!

I will be going shopping today for this deal, I will let you know how it turns out!
Good luck and happy shopping

*** I will be posting Albertsons deals later today***


Taylor Chase Graham said...

I love your blog, and visit every day. I have saved so much money for my family thanks to all that you share!
Here's my question. On the Albertson's/All promotion, it looks like you have listed using 12 different coupons for 8 items. Is there something I am missing? Are some of them Albertson's coupons? I really need to stock up on laundry detergent, so would love to get this all straight in my mind before I go to the store. Thanks so much! Alicia

Heather said...

I am SO glad that you find my blog helpful! That is why I do it, plus it gives me something to do during nap time:-)
OK so here is the deal, I printed off the All $2 Coupon on Sunday that was the last day to get it. I have 2 computers so I got to print 4. There is also a $2 for the Snuggle, which is still good. You could use the $1 All coupon and have your oop be relatively low. I used 8 coupons and 1 Catalina from last week. The $10 came off instantly bc I spent $25 worth of participating products. My OOP (Out of pocket) was only $.92 for all of them. I think where you counted 12 was bc I posted the $1 All coupon for those who missed out on the $2 coupon.
I hope that this has helped and not confused you even more!
Just comment again if you have anymore questions:-)

Saving 4 My Family said...

Great job Heather on your score!! You are well stocked now. I can't believe I missed the All $2 IP on Sunday.


Taylor Chase Graham said...

Thanks so much, Heather for taking to time to write a detailed explanation. You are a gifted teacher! That makes total sense, and I am off to Albertsons to get my laundry detergent! Thanks again, so much!!

Heather said...

You are very welcome Alicia! You will have to let me know how you did at the store:-0 I'm going to hit up the in-laws computer for some more coupons, ahh sometimes good deals are so addicting!

Taylor Chase Graham said...

Heather, I did it! I went to Albertson's tonight and bought 8 bottles of All. The register took off $10.00. I had 4 x $2 coupons and 4 x $1 coupons. My final total was $9.92, or $1.24 each. I was so excited I forgot to use my $5 cereal catalina! HA HA! Otherwise it would have been a lot less. It always seems hard to find really good buys on laundry detergent, so this was awesome. Thanks so much for the help!
Have a great weekend! Alicia

Heather said...

WTG Alicia!! It feels GREAT when you score on things you need and use everyday:-0 $1.24 is still a great price for what you bought, so don't be discouraged at all!
Have a great Easter