Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Safeway Living Well Round #???

Can you believe I got all of this for $17.69??? And $5.10 was deposit and $.61 donation to people with disabilities. I have to say that I have done nothing all week but the Living Well Promo! Well that and take care of my kids:-)

My first transaction I used my 10/$50 from the Food Day

This is what I got:
4 Diet Coke (LW Promo)
1 Dasani 24 pack Water (LW Promo)
3 Arrowhead 6ct Water (LW Promo)
3 Quaker Rice Cake Snacks (LW Promo)
4 Keebler Cookies
1 Sunchips (LW Promo)
1 Arm & Hammer Dryer Clothes
1 Gain Laundry Detergent (LW Promo)
1 Bright Green Toilet Paper (LW Promo)
1 Sfwy Reusable Bag
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner (LW Promo)
2 Bags Tositos Chips
1 Tostitos Salsa
TOTAL: $76.85

-$11.98 Instant Savings 2 Free Cokes
-$4.99 FREE Dasani Water WYB 2 Coke
-$2 FREE Sfwy Bag ( .51 overage )
-$3.99 FREE Arm & Hammer Dryer Clothes from Food Day
-$1 Arm & Hammer Dryer Clothes IP
-$10 LW Cat
-$10/$50 from Food Day
-$.71 Scrubbing Bubbles In Ad Coupon
-$.50 Dasani Water from LW Ad @ Cust Srvc
-$1.01 Bright Green Toilet Paper Coupon
-$3.39 FREE Salsa WYB 2 Tostitos Chips (got in the mail)
-(4) $1 Coke IP from Coke Rewards
-(2) $1 Keebler Cookie IP
-(2) $.55 Keebler Cookie IP
-$1 Scrubbing Bubbles IP
-$1/2 Tostitos Chips Peelie
-$1 Gain from P&G Saver Booklet
-(3) $1 Quaker Snacks Mfq
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $12.18 I got another $10 LW Cat and supposed to get $6 Arrowhead Cat & $1/2 Arrowhead Coupon...but my favorite Customer Service Gal said ''Here just have another $10LW Cat" Um OK! She said she is always impressed with my coupons and knows I ''work hard'' so I earned it! Wow thank you what a nice compliment:-)
So with that being said I paid $12.18 and got $20 in LW Cats!

2nd Transaction:
7 Electrosol Dish Detergent
2 Arrowhead 6 pack Waters (I was going to use the Arrowhead Cats & Coups from previous transaction for this)
TOTAL $32.51

-(7) $2.50 Electrosol Mfq (Bought from Ebay)
-$10 LW Cat
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
OOP: $5.51 and received another $10 LW Cat

So now I still have 2, $10 LW Cats to spend on my other transactions!!

All-in-all it was a pretty great trip, plus my daughter was AN ANGEL!! Thank You Ella Grace

What good deals did you come up with?? I love to hear great new deals to be had


Kristin said...

Wow good work! I have a question: Does the water count towards the LW promo even though it is free? Thanks!

Heather said...

Thank You! I just looked at my receipt and the Dasani came off instantly when I bought the Coke, so techinically NO it does not count towards the $30 bc it rang up at zero. If it was a coupon you took off after your total then yes it would've counted towards the $30
Does that make sense?

Saving 4 My Family said...

Great Job Heather!! You did awesome.


joelle said...


Okay - so listen to this and tell me what you guys think. I have noticed for a while on other blogs that some stores like Shaws, Fryes ect (I believe these are like "sister" stores to our albertsons, safeway)will go by the SHELF price when doing promos like this current LW promo at Safeway - buy $30 and get back $10 cat. I have always wondered if our stores are the same, but have never tried just getting the $30 with the SHELF price as I didn't want to deal with my catilina not printing. Anyway, last night I went to Safeway to do another LW deal and I had my totals at $30.20 before coupons. Well, I get up to check out and I didn't even end up using a couple of my coupons because it would have gotten me into the negitive and they would have owed me money. I was thinking "huh - I always know pretty much to the penny what I will be paying?" I used 2 BOGO coupons for the Sierra Mist 2 Liters - (they were priced at $1.69) the cashier only took off 99 cents and I asked her what the price of those were and sure enough they were only .99 cent each. So - I finish checking out and my $10 cat DID print for me! I get out to my car and look at my receipt and I only ended up having a total of $27.49 before coupons. This is making me think that it is SHELF price - what do you guys think? What a mess though, if the cat DOESN'T print - you would never be able to expain that to Customer Service. Anyway, just interesting to me. I ended up paying .84 for all my stuff and got my $10 cat back (and didn't even use 2 of my $1 quaker MQ's) Sorry so long.


sealofsteel said...

Okay I have to ask if you are shopping at the Gladstone store? I have been there a couple of times and the management just seems grumpy. The cashiers are great which is what matters I guess. I was just wondering what store you have better luck at oh and who is buying up all the water in Gladstone :) just kidding. Thanks for all your help. I was excited to find a local blog for our deals here. I am in Oregon City.

Heather said...

LOL! No I'm not buying all the water:-) I mainly shop at the King Rd Safeway and sometimes the Clackamas Safwy. That was the first day Sfwy had the water in stock so I bought it all:-)I have better luck with the King Rd store. They are all friendly and some said they actually LIKE me coming in with my coupons and wish I could teach them to get paid for their food! So if you are not having luck in Gladstone come on over my way

oona. said...

Hello! I found your blog from Frugal Living NW and I'm so glad. I live in SE Woodstock and have been having fun learning to coupon. I've been doing the CapriSun and Electrasol LW deals at Safeway and want to do the Coke/Dasani deal. Where do I find the $1 off coupons? Thanks so much :)

Heather said...

Thank you for looking at my blog! I started my blog to keep track of my spending/savings and now do it to help fellow couponers!
Well if you sign up at you can enter codes you receive from all Coke products. I had enough points to earn a $1 coupon I printed from my computer.......however I have 2 computers I use and since the coupon was emailed to me I was able to print 4. Sorry there is no Coke coupon floating around out there:-( Maybe it's a sad thing I drink enough Diet Coke to earn all those rewards:-)

Michelle said...

Amazing. I can't believe the cashier just "gave" you another $10 cat. If only I could get that lucky...

Heather said...

4 Crazy Kids,
Yes I can't believe she gave it to me too! I felt VERY luck:-) But that is why I shop at that specifi Safeway, they are all so kind even with mom's who have kids and coupons!

oona. said...

Hi Heather

One more quick LW question :)
Is the Coke deal part of Living Well? I was at the store earlier and couldn't remember. I didn't see the white tags on them.Thanks!

Heather said...

Yes the Coke is apart of the LW even though it has no white tag. That is why it can be confusing, bc some LW items are not marked with a white tag even though they are apart of the promo.

oona. said...

Thanks so much for your help :)