Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Safeway Living Well Trip #1

Wow can I just say how much I love great deals!!! I made it to Safeway today to complete 2 Transactions for the Living Well Promo, I had my daughter Ella with me so I had to be quick, she's only 2 and you know how scary that can be!

***Both Catalina's printed just fine for me too, I just made sure my balance after all Safeway coupons was $30***

So here is what I got on my 1st Transaction (I bought none promo items with each transaction)

Transaction #1
1 Kraft Deluxe Mac-n-Cheese
1 Sunchips
4 Ronzoni Whole Wheat Pasta
4 Bertolli Pasta Pouches
1 Capri Sun
2 Duncan Hines Cake Mix (not promo)
1 Starbucks Coffee
1 Bright Green Kleenex
3 Safeway English Muffins (not promo)
4 lbs Foster Farm Half Breast Chicken (not promo, on clearance!)
TOTAL: $40.95

-$2 Safeway Starbucks Coupon
-$1.01 Safeway Sunchips Coupon
-$.50 Safeway Capri Sun Coupon
-$1 Safeway Bright Green Coupon
-(4) $1 Ronzoni Mfr
-(4) $.75 Bertolli Mfr
-$1 Bright Green IP
-$1 Capri Sun Mfr
-(2) $4 Sfwy Dbl ( Yes my favorite checker always let's me use 2!)
OOP: $23.44 received $10 LW Catalina

Transaction #2
6 Classico Spag Sauce (not promo)
6 Safeway Pasta (not promo)
4 Electrosol
4 Capri Sun
5 Bright Green Kleenex
1 Bright Green Reusable Tote (Thought it was the free one, not promo)
1 Safeway Reusable Bag (not promo)
3 Safeway English Muffin (not promo)
8.5 lbs Foster Farm Split Breast Chicken (not promo on clearance)
TOTAL: $67.57

-$6 Instant Savings free pasta wyb 2 Classico Sauce
-$2.90 Chicken Clearance
-$5/50 Safeway LW Home Mailer
-$10 LW Cat
-$2 FREE Safeway Reusable Bag
-$2 Bright Green Safeway Printout
-(4) $1 Bright Green mfr from Pamplet
-(4) $1 CapriSun Mfr
-(4) $2.50 Electrosol Mfr
-(3) $1/2 Classico IP
-(2) $4 Sfwy Dbl
OOP:14.67 received $10 LW Cat!

I was so excited to get all the chicken and other needs with this for so cheap! I have a lot of can's to return so I want to go again tonight and do another transaction to get my oop even lower.

Leave me a comment with your great deals, it's always nice to have fresh ideas and scenarios

Happy Earth Day:-)


Heidi said...

OOOH...this was a great LW promo deal

8 boxes of dishwashing tabs

8 boxes electrosal tabs for 35.94
club price 23.94
used 8 coupons brought price to 9.92
i paid 9.92 but then i got a catalina receipt for 10.00 off my next purchase at safeway

Heather said...

WTG Heidi!!
Doesnt it feel good to save so much $$

I just bought some Electrosol Coupons off Ebay to stock up for the rest of the year with that same scenario:-) Remember you can use your 1st $10 Cat on your other transactions and still receive another $10 Cat...great job

Heidi said...

oh - and i used the doubles too!!!

acutally - i'm so glad you reminded me about it seems like you can never do that at walgreens - can you always do that at safeway or is this a special thing? thanks!!!!

Heather said...

Well it depends on each promotion going on if you can ''roll' the cats. Most cats yes you can roll them into your other transaction. I know that is true for Safeway and Albies, but sadly not at Walgreens:-(
Good luck on your next deals!

Saving 4 My Family said...

Awesome job girl, you did great!