Monday, April 20, 2009

Safeway Living Well Scenarios

Ah I'm finally feeling better, the sun is out and I have energy again! Yea...that means I had time to put together a few scenarios for the Safeway Living Well Promo. I'm hoping to go tomorrow if time allows

I have 4 Transactions put together the 1st being the most OOP, the other 3 rolling the $10 Cat with a lower OOP
***Just a reminder that if you use Safeway coupons or P&G Esaver coupons to deduct the amount of coupon from the $30 total. For instance Starbucks coffee is $8.99, Safeway has an in-ad Coupon for $2 off, so you would only count $6.99 towards the $30, not the $8.99. Another example is Tampax Tampons are $2.99 with a $1 P&G Esaver coupon of $1 so you would only count $1.99 towards the $30 not $2.99 HTH!***

Transaction #1
4 Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs
4 Capri Sun
5 Bright Green Kleenex
TOTAL $ 31.37

-(4) $2.50 mfq from 4/19 SS Insert
-(4) $1 mfq from 4/19 SS Insert
-(5) $1 Bright Green mfr from in-store pamphlet
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
OOP $10.37 and will get $10 CAT

2nd Transaction:
4 Diet Hanson Soda Drink
2 All Laundry Detergent
1 Tampax Tampon
1 Bright Green Toilet Paper
3 Bright Green Kleenex
1 Cheerios
TOTAL: $32.62 ( $1.20 in deposit )

-(2) $2.50 Hanson BOGO's from home mailer last year
-(2) $2 All IP no longer available
-$1 Tampax P&G home mailer last year promo
-$1 Tampax P&G Esaver Coupon
-$2 Sfwy Bright Green Mfr printout
-(3) $1 Bright Green IP
-$1 Cheerios home mailer
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
-$10 LW Catalina
OOP $ 3.42 Receive $10 LW Cat

Transaction #3:
1 Starbucks Coffee
1 Capri Sun
1 Sun Chip
4 Mac-n-Cheese
4 Bertolli Pasta Pouches
4 Ronzoni Pasta
1 Bright Green Kleenex
TOTAL: $30.32

-$2 Sfwy Starbucks Coupon
-$.50 Sfwy Capri Sun Coupon
-$1.01 Sfwy Sun Chip Coupon
-$1 Capri Sun Mfq
-(4) $1 Bertolli Mfq
-(4) $1 Ronzoni Mfq
-$1 Bright Green Mfq
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
-$10 CAT
OOP: $6.32 Receive $10 LW Cat, $1.50 Starbucks Cat & 2, $2 Bertolli Cat

****EDIT**** Only Huggies box diapers for $29.99 are apart of the promo, bummer:-(
Transaction #4:

2 Yo-Plus Yoplait Yogurt $5
8 Softsoap hand soap $8
2 Huggies Pull-ups $18.98 (Price unknown I'm guessing they are expensive enough to get me to $30)
TOTAL $31.98 ( Again guessing on the Huggies price)

-(2) $1.50 Yoplait IP
-(4) $.50 soft soap mfq
-(4) $.35 soft soap mfq
-(2) $3 Huggies Pull-up Mfr from 4/19 SS
-$2 Sfwy Dbl
-$10 LW Cat
-$1.50 Starbucks Cat
-(2) $2 Bertolli Cat
OOP: $2.08 ( Just an estimate since I don't know the Huggies price) Receive $10 LW Cat

Total OOP for all 4 Transactions: $23.11 with a $10 Catalina still to spend

I will post my deals tomorrow when I go....please leave me a comment with your transactions and great deals you found! I love new ideas

Happy Shopping:-)


Misty said...

The Huggies Pull-ups are not included in the Living Well deal, only the big boxes of Huggies diapers are and they are 29.99.

Heather said...

Oh bummer! The one think I actually need....ohwell Thanks for the tip

Monica said...

Hi, do you know if the Bertolli cats are still printing today? I'm planning to go tonight because I found 4 more bertolli coupons, but I wasn't sure if they were still printing, I'm in the SW Washington region?

Heather said...

Hi Monica,

They are supposed to print until today, so yes I believe if you go tonight they should print out for you. If they don't you can always take it to customer service and tell them about it,they most likely will give you cash.
Hope that helps! I too will be going tonight to do a few deals, so I will let you know if mine printed out for me.

Heidi said...

question for you - can i use my cat from the previous LW deal on another LW deal and STILL get a cat? does that make sense? like at walgreens that doesn't work...? thanks!

Heidi said...

hi! can i use a cat from a previous LW deal on a NEW LW deal and still get a cat for it? does that make sense? thanks!

Heather said...

Yes that makes sense and I believe the answer is YES! These Cat's are rolling on the current Living Well promo, so if you use an old Cat it should make no difference at all.
Hope that helped!

Heather said...

Any Cat's you want to use at Safeway, have to be from Safeway. They can not be from a different store or Safeway wont accept them.
Is that what you were asking?