Monday, May 18, 2009

Albertsons Double Deals!

** EDIT**
OK well I guess I was too excited about the doubles to look at the coupons I was useing...mostly IP's and they were all DO NOT DOUBLE!! AAARRRGGHHH My kids were SO well behaived too:-0 I had 4 transactions planned out and only got 1 even w/o doubles bc I needed those items...hhmmm back to the drawing board!

Yea another week with Albertsons double coupons!! Woo Hoo:-)

I'm putting the scenarios together now and plan to go early this am (kids allowing) and will come home and post my deals....should be some great LOW OOP

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday Morning!

Leave me a comment with your Albies Double Deals I always love fresh new ideas


Ramblings of a Happy Teacher said...

Did they actually tell you they couldn't double those coupons? My Albertsons doesn't even look - they just take a flat $3 off when I present the doublers.

Heather said...

Yes most the cashiers at the Albertsons I go to actually look at the coupons and one would not allow me to have the overage. It all depends on the cashier I think

Amber Red said...

Now this really confuses me.. From what I learned it is illegal to double ANY coupons. But this is Albertsons promo not the manufacturer. So in that case even though it says do not double you can.