Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Awesome Garage Sale of Stock Pile Only!

Well I decided last minute on Wednesday night to have a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. The weather was supposed to be great for Friday and questionable for I decided to go for it! I got the bright green and pink poster board, made and hung my signs and posted on Craigslist about it.

I have to admit the main reason for my last minute garage make more room in my garage for all the Safeway Living Well stuff I was buying! Sad I know...but I am SO happy I did.
OK so I again forgot to take before/after pics ARRRHHHGGG oh well. I will list what I sold and prices

Windex $1.50
All 3x Laundry Detergent (from the Albertsons deal not so long ago) $3
Snuggle Fabric Softer $3
Pledge Cleaning Spray/Wipes $2 (Sfwy Cat Deal)
Hansen's Soda $2 for a 6 pack
Toothbrushes $1
Toothpaste $2
Floss $1.50
Men's Power Razors $4
Women's Venus/Gilette Razors $4
Disposable Razors $2.50
Shaving Cream $1.50
Deodarant $1.50
Dry Idea (FREE at Target w/$2IP ) $1
Vaseline Lotion $2 (Walgreens CHEAP RR deal)
Glade Sense-n-Spray $3
Glade Lasting Impressions $3
Glade Small Candles $2.50 (MM @ Target w/GC)
Febreze Plug In $4
Random Cereal $1.50
Sunsilk Stylers (Walgreens Clearance & RR deal) $1.50
Shampoo/Conditioner $2
Medicine $2
Sambucol $2 ( $1.01 MM @ Wags)
Johnson Baby Products $2.50
Bertolli Pasta Pouches (Sfwy Cat/LW Deal) $2
Safeway Pasta $1 (Got them free WYB Classico sauce )
Electrosol Dish Tabs $2
Bright Green Kleenex (LW Promo) $1
Softsoap Body Wash (MM @ Walgreens with RR) $2.50
Nivea Body Wash (Wags again) $2.50
Random FAR Items I've collected $1-$2
Other Cleaning Supplies $1.50
Huggies Diapers (Walgreens Huggies deal) $5

OK...I think that is all and I had HUGE quantity of most everything. I still have 15 bottles of Windex and 14 boxes of Electrosol that didn't sell! I opened at 9am on Friday and closed at 4pm. Saturday was raining but opened at 9:30am anyway and closed at 1pm...Saturday was half price everything just to get it out!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........My 1 and 1/2 day total was $571!!!!! I could not believe it and counted several times to make sure. That is such A HUGE blessing from the Lord bc we needed about $500 to fix our car woot woot:-) So I am SO PLEASED with my last minute sale and can't wait to have another one at the end of summer.

So have you sold your stockpile? How did you do? Do you feel a little panicked bc you are all out of everything? Sadly looking at the garage now I'm thinking ''I need to get back to work on my good deals!''


Frugal Living Online said...

WHAT?!? I cannot believe you made that much money. You have totally fueled my stockpiling obsession.

I need more details!


Heather said...

LOL! Yes I am ''fueled'' again stockpile is gone and I'm a bit panicked:-) That means MORE trips to Safeway for the LW promo!!

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so jealous!

I actually just had a yard sale like this 2 weeks ago. It was my first and I had the prices rock bottom mainly because I wanted to get rid of the stuff. Selling toothpaste for $.50 - Fructis for $1... well that did the trick. EVERYTHING was gone in less than 4 hours and I made only half what you did. I learned my lesson. Next yard sale I will price things higher.

Great Job!!

Heather said...

4 Crazy Kids,
GREAT JOB! Don't be jealous at all, you did great! That same thing happend to me last year...I wasnt sure what to sell it for and priced a bit too low I think I only made $240 last year with the exact same stuff. So maybe on your next sale just price stuff $.25-$.75 higher and you will be glad you did! That's all I did different this year.
Good luck and great job!!

joelle said...

Hey - Awesome job! I am planning a garage sale here soon too and want to sell a bunch of my stockpile! I showed this to my hubby and was like "See - this is why I am saving all this stuff! :) He was pretty impressed. Does anybody at your sales wonder where the heck you get all your stuff? :-)


Heather said...

Good luck on your sale! One the hubbies see the $$ you bring in from the sales they seem to be more supportive:-)
YES, EVERYONE asked me if I had a store or was a distributor, LOL! Technically both are true, I ''store'' my stockpile in the garage and ''distribute'' as gifts to friends and family!
Good luck

Saving 4 My Family said...

Awesome job Heather!! Your a pro girl. I need you to help with my garage sale soon. Now, if I could only get motivated...


Monica said...

I was just thinking about doing this and now you have inspired me to go for it. Now I will buy the free stuff even if it's stuff we don't use. Thanks for this post!!!

Heather said...

Good luck on your future sale! I'm glad my garage sale can be a motivator to you and get you excited to have your own! YES absolutly get all the Freebies you can, they can fetch a few bucks at the sale:-)
Good luck,

Leah said...

So do you still want to get rid of the Electrisol Dish Tabs? I am desperate for some decent dish washer detergent! I made some of my own and it works ok - actually better then the phosphate free stuff, but would like to have some "real" stuff on hand. You were asking $2/box? Maybe trade some for coupons too?