Monday, May 25, 2009

Fabulous Finds From Target *!*

You know I am thinking that Target is now replacing Walgreens for me! After all Walgreens took away the Easy Saver Catalog, the Mail-in-Rebates and probably yet to come the Register Rewards:-( Yikes...let's hope not.

So because of the lack of deals at Wags I've been focusing on the Great Deals @ Target! They let you ''stack'' the Mfq coupons with their coupons making overage and freebies:-) I know quit a few have reported that their Target did not allow them to stack the coupons but Target's Corporate Coupon Policy clearly states you can!!

**Edit** Sorry I thought I included the link to the coupon policy! OOps
Go Here to check it out. I would suggest printing it and taking it with you for everyone who has a bad time from the cashiers with this.

So here are the great freebies I'm going to purchase today:

Kraft Mayo: $1.99
Use $1 Mfq Coupon from Here
And the $1 Target coupon from Here

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Packs on clearance: $2.54
*I found these on the endcaps the deodorant and body mist comes in the package*
Use $2 IP coupon from Here
or $1.25 Mfq
And the $1 Target coupon Here
=FREE plus $.46 overage
OR $.29 ** Great item to stock-up for a garage sale**

Aveeno Baby Care Products $3.49
Use $2 Coupon from Here
=$1.49! Great deal

Crystal Light (3 pack) by the registers: $.99
Use $1/1 or the $2/2 from Here

Kashi Go-Lean Waffles $1.85
Use $1.50 IP from Here
or $1.50 from Vocalpoint (Home Mailer)
=$.35 !!

Coppertone Sun Care Products (Travel Size) $.99
Use $1 IP coupon Here
=Free! Plus $.01 overage

Renu Contact Solution (Trial Size) $.99
Use $1 IP Coupon Here
=Free ! Plus $.01 overage

Good luck and Happy Shopping!

**Thanks Hip2Save for some of the great deals!**


Amy said...

Hi! Love your blog and glad to see you are finding great deals at Target. I have a question, since I am fairly new to this. Will Targets accept printable Target coupons even if they are not Super Targets? I went to print some up from and it told me there were no stores in my area that will accept them. Kinda confusing!! Any info appreciated, thanks!

Heather said...

Hi Amy,
I'm glad you like and can find my blog useful, that is why I do it:-)
To answer your question, YES ALL Targets should and are required to take ''Target Printables'' even the ''non'' super stores. I shop at the Clackamas Target off Sunnyside rd and have never come across a problem. The link's I have for the Target printables should not lead you to the Target website. You just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see all the ''Target Printables'' then put in the quantity beside each Kraft Mayo coupon you can select to print 10 if you want.
I hope that helps, if you are still confused please leave another comment!

Amy said...

You are so awesome! Its great to find someone local who knows the ropes! I am west of Portland in Hillsboro. Thanks so much for the info, a shopping I will go!!!

Heather said...

Oh good! Good luck let me know how you do:-)

Ashley said...

I just wanted to pass on an awesome money maker deal I scored at Target today!!! I found Perfect 10 hair color on clearance today for only $5.94. I had coupons for $2/1 from the paper a couple weeks ago. The amazing part is that when the cashier rung them up she said that they both got a $5.00 target card back!! So I ended up making $1.06 each!

I also found dove deodorant in the travel section for $1.00 and used a $1.50 off any two dove deodorant coupon from the paper a few weeks ago. So, I got some for $0.25 each!

Heather said...

WTG! Those are super deals:-) I love (and am sure you will agree) the surprised FREEBIES like that! How awesome you got the $5 GC. That is just too much fun for a couponer right there!
WTG I think I will add those to my list.....geez it just keeps growing

joelle said...

Hey Heather,

This isn't go with the subject line, but I wanted to ask you about pricing your garage sale items. I was thinking of having a $2 table and throwing all the razors, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving gels, lotions, soaps, body wash, deoderants, mouthwashes ect -the health and beauty stuff from my stockpile - does that seem like a good idea? I don't HAVE to sell it - so if it doesn't just go, I don't mind keeping it - what do you think? Or do you think that is priced too high? Any advice would be great. Thanks so much!

Heather said...


Most of those items sounds good for $2. It depends on what razors you are selling, I sold all my ''nice'' Gillette or Venus razors for $4. What size/brand are your lotions? I had some Vaseline pump lotion I sold for $3 so maybe if that is what you have move it on over to the $3 table. That is a good way to organize as well: Have several bins that say the price, ie. everything in this tub $2 ect...
OK so I have been busy all weekend but am putting together a post on Garage Sale stay tuned for that it will have helpful info:-)

joelle said...

They are the nice Gillette and Venus razors - so $4 sounds great to me. The lotions are all those Olay lotions - big ones. Maybe I am thinking too cheap! :-) Yeah - thats a good idea to have a $2 - $3 and $4 table . . . that would be awesome to have a little Garage Sale 101 for us. I will definately be looking for that. My sale is not until next weekend. Thanks so much.

The Babkm5 said...


Today I went to the Target in Wilsonville and cashier I had knew nothing about coupons...the cashier supervisor came over and gave me a hard time, but we figured it out. They did however question the Dove MF coupon being doubled with the Target coupon. I showed her the Target coupon policy that you suggested to print and take with me, but as she scanned my coupons she rolled her eyes. I was still happy with the savings!

Thanks for all you do...I am new at this, but catching on quick!

Oregon City, OR

The Babkm5 said...

Also I wanted you to know that I got the coppertone travel size and they told me that the coupon excludes travel sizes...does this coupon? I can't remember?

Heather said...

The Babkm5

GREAT job on your coupon victory! I dont really know why we get flack for being frugal and using coupons, its a mistery to me!
The $1 Coopertone IP does not state exludes travel size, so you should be able to use it. I would just point it out to the checker. They will probably price adjust it to $.99 if they give you flack about it

charlie54933 said...

Hi! I found your blog thru another blog, looking for NW couponers. Moving that direction in a few weeks from Texas. My Target here is amazing and it looks like your Targets are a little tougher to work with. Can you use 2 Target q's in one transaction or do you have to split everything up? Are the cashiers all meanies or are there some stores that are better than others? I've been to the one in Wilsonville while on vaca and I don't remember them giving me issues, but that was before the change in wording on the Target q's to one coupon per transaction which my Texas targets don't enforce. Any info you could give to a vet couponer in Texas but going to be newbie NW couponer and is terrified!!! ... would be great! Thanks!!