Friday, January 9, 2009

Smokin Albertsons Trip!

Everything wouldn't fit on the table so I had to use the chairs!

Went to Albertsons today and completed my final 3 transactions! Holy-smokes is my brain fried now:-) I will list each trans separate but leave out all the coupons I used bc there were just too many.
Transaction #1
9 Boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars (Used $1.50 Sfwy Coup)
2 Dozen Albies Eggs
2 Boxes Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix
6 Boxes Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (My Fav)
4 Boxes Bisquick
2 Boxes Fiber One Granola Bars
4 Bags Tostitos Scoop's Chips (Used $1.88 Sfwy Coup)
2 Lbs Albies Butter
2 Kids Aquafresh Toothpaste
5, 20oz Jennie O Ground Turkey (Used $1.99lb Sfwy Coup)
9Lbs Red Delicious Apples (Used $1.99 Sfwy Coup)
2, 5LB Bags Albies Potatoes
TOTAL $152.47 (Before Club card & Coups)
OOP $21.22 Plus $15 in CATS (used $15 in Cats as well)
Transaction #2
3 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
4 Boxes Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix
5 Boxes Honeynut Cheerios
4, (6ct) Kids Yoplait
2LBS Albies Butter
2 (5lbs) bags of Albies Potatoes
TOTAL$72.90 (Before Club card & Coups)
OOP $ .93 PLUS $15 in CATS (Used $15 in Cats as well)
Transaction #3
4, 6pk (24oz) Diet Pepsi (Used $1.99 Sfwy Coup)
2LBS Albies Butter
4 Venus Embrace Razors
2 Olay Facial Cleaners
TOTAL$91.08 (Before Club card & Coups)
OOP$25.08 (Forgot to use $6 in Albies dbl & $5CAT)
Got $15 in CATS and $15GC Olay MIR
Total OOP $47.23
Total Savings $316.45
Still have $35 in CATS to use as well:-)
Feel free to leave a comment with your awesome deals:-0


Frugal Living Online said...

Two questions:

What Albertsons did you go to?

Where you able to do $30 before or after coupons?

I can't believe how much food you got. Great job!


Heather said...

Hi Angela,
For the first 2 Transaction I went to the 224 Albies for the last I went to the one on 152nd & Sunnyside Rd. I think the answer to your second Q is: I was able to do each $30 transaction after coupons...meaning my CATS printed even if my total was less than $30 did that answer your q? If not I said my brain is tired:-)

Saving 4 My Family said...

Heather You rock girl!! W2G on your $50 budget & can I say WAY UNDER BUDGET! Not mention, I appreciate you doing a trip for me while I watched the girls!!

Christina :-)

Heather said...

Thanks Chris! It was fun doing that for you. Plus Ella got to play with baby ''vavs'' Oh yeah you owe me a whoppin $1.45...I take coffee as payment:-)