Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons Diaper Deal

To add the idea from Chris posted at HCW (thanks)
Buy 6 Packs of Pampers $60
-$10/$50 Sfwy from food day 2 weeks ago
-(6) $1 MQ
- $3 Albies DBL's
-$2 Sfwy DBL's
-(3) $15 Catalinas (if you have any from previous transaction)
OOP $24 PLUS $40 in Catalinas
OOP (w/o using CATS) $39 PLUS $40 in Catalinas

Went to Albertsons today to take part in the diaper deal, only to realize that I don't need diapers I need Pull-Ups, Yikes! FYI they are not apart of the 2/$20 they are $12.49 each. So if you buy 2 that is $24.98, only 2 Pennies shy of the 25/5 diaper promo! So I made a decision to buy 2, and 1 Pampers Underjam underwear knowing I could sell those to a friend who needs them.

This is what it comes out to

2 Pull-Ups $24.98
1 Underjam $12.49

-$1.50 Pampers Mailer MQ
-2, $1 MQ
-$3 Albies DBL

OOP $31.97

Get $20 in Cats again not the best scenario but when you need them anyway why not get some money back for them!

To get your baby promo up to $25 you could buy a cheap baby wash or wipes from Pampers, but I didn't have my coupon book with me, otherwise I would have!

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