Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekly Spending 1/04 to 1/10

Weekly Spending & Savings

Groceries: $48 (Budget of $50)
Savings: $401
Total Savings: 89%

Household & Baby: $67 (Budget of $50 Way High I know but stocked up on Pull-Ups)
Savings: $267
Total Savings: 80%

Total OOP$115
Total Savings: $668
Total Average % in Savings: 85%

I still have $152 left in my Grocery budget and am in the negative for my household baby by $17. But I have carried over $45 from my grocery budget from the previous month and will take it out of that. I do not anticipate me buying anything else in my household budget if so I will use the $45 I carried over...thus leaving me $28 for the rest of the month.

I would love to see any comments on your savings this week/month! It's always nice to get new ideas on how to save
Happy Shopping this week!

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