Monday, January 5, 2009

FREE Scrapbooking Kit

This sounds great for all the scrapbooker's out there!

Buy any 2 Jif or Smuckers (or 1 of each) products by 3/31/09 and receive a FREE Scrapbooking Kit by mail. Click Here for the form. That would be a great reason to buy some this week at Albertsons!

Jif is $2 (buy 3)
-$1/3 MQ
-3, $1 Albies DBL
-$.50 Sfway DBL
OOP $1.50!

Smuckers $1.50 (buy 2)
-2, $35 MQ
-2, $.35 Albies DBL
-$.70 Sfwy DBL
OOP$ .90!


Tucknell said...

Where can you find the rebate form? It says that no copies will be accepted. Does that include copies printed on the computer? Thanks--Tucknell

Heather said...

Thanks for the inquiry. I will double check that my link is correct. I looked at the form and I think the printed copy is not included in that statement. I print all my mail-in-rebate froms online. I will send an emial over to Smuckers just to make sure though:-)