Monday, January 5, 2009

Walgreens Trip 1/5

Went to Walgreens today to complete some of my deals I had posted. One being the Flintstones Vitamins, the 224 Store was pretty low I had to get some sour gummy ones, hope that flies with my kids:-)

Here's what I got:
Transaction #1
Revlon Matte Eyeshadow $4.99 FAR
3 Jif PB $9
5 Flintstones Vit $20
6 Hunts Tomato Sauce $5.94
3 Children's Motrin $17.97
3 Soft soap $8.37

Total $66.27
-$3 Wags Peanut Butter in-ad
-$1/3 MQ P.B.
-$4 Coloring Book Coupon (Flintstones)
-$4 MQ 1/04 Insert (Flintstones)
-$2.80 Wags Hunts Sauce in-ad
-$3 Coloring Book coupon (Motrin)
-$2.50/2 MQ 1/04 Insert (Motrin)
-$6 Wags Motrin in-ad Coupon
-$5.40 Wags Soft soap In-ad
-$1.05 MQ 1/04 Insert (Soft soap 3, $.35)

Total After Coupons $33.52
-$16.49 GC
OOP $17.03
-$4.99 FAR
-$10 RR
OOP after rebate & RR $2.04

Transaction #2
2 Children's Tylenol Plus Cough $13.98
4 Boxes Playtex Sport Tampons $16

-2, $1.50 Peelie on Tylenol
-$2.50/2 MQ Tylenol 1/04 insert
-$2 Coloring Book Tylenol
-$4 Wags Tylenol in-ad
-$4 IVC for Tampons
-$4 MQ for tampons (cant remember date?)
-$10 RR

OOP $.48

+$2 RR for Tylenol, did not print will call. Wags had it advertised next to product buy 2 Tylenol get $2 RR
Making that transaction a moneymaker if it printed!


Saving 4 My Family said...

Wow girl, W2G! sounds like you had a lot of Trans to do. I know that store gets their shipment in on Thursdays so they are usually stocked Friday am!! Good Job.

Chris :-)

Heather said...

Yeah just 2 trans, thankfully Ella was good that helped. I asked the lady checking me out when they get their shipments (they were out of Electrasol) she said Tuesdays? So I wonder

April said...

Hi, Im anewbie at couponing.. Im confused.. You can use both peelies and man coupons together? arent they both man? April

Heather said...

Hi April,

Yes they both are technically MQ but the peelie is like a ''different'' kind of MQ that you can use, or double, with your other coupons. This one worked bc the MQ I had brought with me was $2.50/2 Some MQ let you ''double up'', again that is how I was able to use the peelie and my mq I brought with me. I hope that makes sense to you:-)