Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Round #2 @ Wags

OK went back to Walgreens with my sister-in-law's MFR! Sad yes I did pack up the kids again in the truck, but it was a good trip. I learned some things:

First the YELLOW bottles of Sunsilk DO NOT count toward the RR's. That is why I only got a $6RR the first time. I got 6 bottles of blue and 2 yellow.

This time around I bought the last 6 clearance items: 4 blue 2 yellow and only got a $4RR...which is OK I still made $$
I only paid $1.14 OOP on my GC

So total OOP$4.28 on GC
Got back $10 in RR

Plus I have 14 bottles of Sunsilk to sell at my garage sale this spring! (I sold them $3 each last year!)

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